Thursday, January 2, 2014

Out with the old, in with the new! Happy New Year! 1/1/2014

It's hard to believe that a new year is here. A lot of changes in 2013 and fresh start for 2014. We have been a bit under the radar in December. We were doing the final packing of our 'dream house' to finally depart on December 14th. With a crew of amazing friends, we moved to our new abode and said good bye to a great chapter of our lives. I said my final good byes to the house on the 16th after a few days of wrapping things up and cleaning, but with all said and done, I am fine. It is, after all, just a house. We entertained and hosted many friends in our 5 years there. Lot's of good memories. It was an easy place to live. Built exactly for our needs. But we are just as happy in our new home and gradually finding new processes and systems. Eventually we will be 100% organized. I would say we are at about 80-85% right now. 

I can't even recall the highlights of 2013 off the top of my head. I guess winning a national and world title in January would be one of them, but that seems forever ago.
The Wallowas in February is always a highlight. And I added on Anthony Lakes this year. Super fun!
Spring was a compilation of skiing and riding. I even snuck away to Whistler with some friends.

My mom came to visit somewhere in there. Seems we need to take more pictures next time. There were also plenty of weekends hosting friends at the cabin, including Pam and her kids for spring break. And my sister had a baby back in MN. I didn't go visit, but got some great updates on Anna Maxine. 
The beginning of summer began to look like many others. Lots of riding. And racing. But normality was disrupted at the end of June while I was in Bend racing the Blitz and dog sitting Frank, with the sad news that Ralph Butler was going into hospice. Tim and I were soon on a plane to Wichita. Tim's dad, Ralph Butler, passed away at the end of June. We had a nice long trip to Wichita with family, despite the sad circumstances.

We spent the rest of summer sort of recovering and riding and racing. Plus continual visits from friends. Lindsay, who deserted us, my friend Chris and his girlfriend from San Fran. We squeezed in Cascade Classic and then we hosted our dear friends from Madison, the Sloans (and Hartzell's). It was a busy July!
August was filled with lots of great riding (mostly mountain biking and ramhood-ing) and prep for cyclocross.

And then September was here. The BEST month ever. Not only the start of CX season, but my birthday!!!

I was excited for my 2013 CX season, after sitting out the previous season. It started out great. 2 local wins. Then Star Crossed and a disappointing 4th, one second off the podium, but extremely encouraging considering where I was in my training. I was reassessing already and considering bigger goals. But then it happened. Too much time in the car? Too big an effort at the race? Too bumpy of a course? But my back gave out and it talked back. Loud and clear. So after many tears, a decision was made. I made the choice to 'retire'. Only to have more tears come a few days later when a friend and fellow racer, Amy Dombroski, was killed while training in Belgium.

That really set the tone for the rest of my year. Life is short. No wasting time on being sad, mad, grumpy, etc. I am lucky to be alive and I will make the most of it. It was October and right after retiring, we got an offer on our house and had to buy a new one. October was a busy month of working with a realtor and dealing with the ups and downs of the worse house sale ever that never ended, but we managed to have some fun! I mountain biked while Tim races and even got Tim to mountain bike with me.

The epicness of the sale of the house and buying one continued into November. It wouldn't be over until closing as far as we were concerned. But we found a house and had an accepted offer and we had an offer on ours and things were looking more solid. I got a new bike which I couldn't ride enough. We continued to ride. Tim raced. I hosted a 13-year old bday party for Katrine. Tim's mom came for Thanksgiving. It was different than our 'normal' but we made it work. I did sneak in a race the Sunday after Thanksgiving just to have some fun in the mud on my singlespeed.

December was a blur. After Tim's mom left, it was game on for packing. We had amazing friends help with the transition. I had a few tears upon final turn of the key at 2124, but it is all good. We spent Christmas eve in our new home, Christmas day with good friends in Hood River, then the rest of the long weekend at the cabin mountain biking since there was no snow.

 All in all, 2013 was a good year. Lots of changes. Always adventurous. Taking life as it came to us. Making the best of all things. Isn't that what life is all about anyways? Never a dull moment and I am looking forward to 2014. I've set some resolutions. Some goals. I look forward to the challenges that are ahead.  Happy New Year to you and thanks for coming along on my adventures with me. Cheers!

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