Sunday, September 8, 2013

Two weeks. Too hot. Too early. Three clinics. Two lessons. Two new courses. Two wins. September 8, 2013

Yep, it's cyclocross season. This year I am seizing the opportunity to race early and often. With not much racing in my legs this past summer, I figured the best way to get race fitness is to race! Right or wrong, it has led to much suffering. The past two weeks I had the awesome opportunity to race two new cx races I have never raced. It has been way too hot both Saturdays. This is not cyclocross season yet. It is summer!!! Even StarCrossed is a week earlier than it has been traditionally. But BRING IT ON!
The first race, GPET#1, was a shocker to the system in so many ways. Pain, pain, pain. Beth Ann Orton, who is strong beyond belief, put the hurt on me. I was able to outsmart her and outskill her on the last barrier to get in the singletrack and pour in on for the win. Yep. In the last 400m. or so. I worked for it. I almost quit several times during that hour of pain. An hour is a LONG time to race 'cross. 86 degrees makes an hour even longer. And my body suffered. But in a strange way, I loved every grueling minute of it. 

The winning move!

It was supposed to be a lot cooler this past Saturday for GPET#2, but it was still way too warm, reaching the 80's, when a cool 75 was in the forecast. But suffer like a dog I did again. I helped my suffering by taking the long 800 meter hole shot in a headwind. Dumb. And then I went into the double barriers way too hot and carried my momentum right to the ground on top of my bike. It took another lap pouring it on to shake a hard charging, super strong Megan Farris and Tina B. My skills were not awesome that day, to say the least. I was almost glad Beth wasn't there. Although I always welcome the competition. 

Sporting the GPET leaders jersey in Race #2.

But it has not been all racing fun. We had guests both weekends, at home and at the cabin. Even when we weren't there. We spent an extra day, labor day, chillin' at the cabin. I taught a bunch of clinics and lessons. Applied to a handful of real jobs. And this weekend we were treated to a very nice over night in White Salmon with the Slater's, finishing it off with a 75-mile bike ride around the Mt. Adams area. A nice change in pace. Great company. Great scenery. Nice roads. So, all in all, life is good. I am exhausted and I am starting to get excited for cooler weather, rain and mud. I think I am going to have to wait a while though.

Oregon Bike Shop Clinic 8/27

Mt. Adams with the Slaters. 9/8

Big Tire Junction-  the boys.

Big Tire Junction - the girls.

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