Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Blitz'n and other fun and not so fun times... June 19, 2013

The past three weeks have sped by. I think I write this just so I can remember what I have done. The first weekend in June, we headed down to Oakridge, where we hadn't been since the last XC race was held there. Met up with good friends Anna Vacca & Jim Fagan to celebrate his birthday. And Chris Moor and Mary came too. Can't forget Herb either. The first day of riding, I was having major issues. I could not slow down on the descents and was scaring myself. Only to realize 3/4 of the way down, my front brake was not attached. (It's a lefty thing). I redeemed myself and Sunday when we did A-T-C (Alpine, Tire Mtn & Cloverpatch.) I am not even embarrassed that we hired Randy to shuttle us up there. Made for a really fun day of riding. And I only got a little poison oak as a souvenir. 

Views from day 1

End of day 1, or so we thought. Snuck in a bday shuttle for Jim!

LOVE the alpine trail.

Great riding, great friends.

And the next week summer really started with Short track on Monday and Tabor on Wednesday. There's only one way I am going to get back in race shape, and that is to race. The second weekend of June (8-9th), we headed up to the cabin for some mountain biking on Saturday and a pre-ride of the MHCC 3 summits stage. Not that we haven't ridden it 100 times, but it is always a good ride. And even with 7000 ft. of climbing, I survived. It was awesome. 
15 mile & trail 450 on Saturday. Awesome day!
And not such a bad day on Sunday with a detour to Lost Lake.
So many great views!

Then from the cabin, I went straight to Bend.  I was not going to miss the Blitz again. I waited until after the blitz to get sick this year. Thankfully, b/c somehow I managed to get 2nd. I went in really hoping I could pull off a top 5, so a really nice surprise, even after some difficulty at the start. Just shows you never quit! Anything can happen. Now if I could just learn to get air!

Bonsai drop in Tethrow. Big jump below this that I skipped.

Good fun with twist off champagne.

Best part of racing is the people!
So, following the blitz, I spent the week in Bend, deserting Tim and dogsitting Frank. Of course, there was a lot of riding singletrack. Bend is one of the only places I feel comfortable riding mountain bikes alone. And I did a lot of it. Fun to see friends and spend some time there, until I got sick. Ughhh. Not a great way to end such a fun week. 

This week I have been limping along, still sick and Tim's dad passed away today, so bikes are packed and we are headed to Wichita. Tim tomorrow, me on Friday. Sad to miss my quick trip to MN for my nieces graduation, but that is how life works. And you just go with the punches. It can't be all fun!

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