Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The long road back to being a racer again...12/12/12

Well, it all started that first week in November. I started 'training' again. And obviously I stopped blogging altogether. Perhaps nothing too exciting in my life to write about. Or maybe I was too exhausted from starting to do more than just 'ride'. This training thing is exhausting. Especially when you are basically starting over. 
I'm not going to bore you with all the details and just go on and on and blah, blah, blah, but basically, I have been playing 'pit bitch' more than I care to. I did go to Fort Collins, but got out of Louisville. I have been in the pit for most of the Cross Crusade races, cheering on my friends, wishing so badly I was out there. But my time will come. I'm not doing all this training for nothing. 
One good thing about not being immersed in a race season, Tim and I were able to travel back to Kansas to see his family. I was reminded by my 9 year old nephew, "Aunt Sue, you haven't visited us for FOUR years!" Guilt, guilt, guilt. Yep, Nationals in 2008. Bad Aunt. I hope I redeemed myself. 
Life as I knew it is now back on. Full tilt. My season will be short. While everyone else is hanging it up for the year, I am just getting started. Life throws you curve balls. You adjust. You make different goals. You make the best of it. As painful as it's been to sit out an entire season of the USGP & as frustrating as it is not to be chasing a world championship team spot, wondering if I could have... But new goals. Watch out January. I am coming!!! 

A few pics b/c I promised not to babble and then did.

Skeletor. I dressed up to pit too.

Did some of this too. Mountain biking in the snow. While at the cabin.

PIR playing support crew.

Went to KS. Wichita to see the Dixon kids.

Mama Jada, Tim, Ralph & Julie

The KC Butler kids!

USGP in Bend.