Monday, October 22, 2012

My other life. 10/22/2012

I have been playing along nicely. This whole not racing thing is harder than it looks. After the initial emotional experience of going to the Madsion USGP and not racing, I did go to Alpenrose, the Cross Crusade opener and cheered, took pictures and helped Tim out. I even traveled to Fort Collins USGP and payed favors back, supported Tim and pitted for all the Oregon gals actually racing. But let's face it, right now, I am NOT a cyclocross racer! 
In my other life, I am just a gal with lots of hobbies and a love for the outdoors (who may or may not be missing racing cx like crazy, knowing she can't race or even train seriously yet). Granted, I relapse, as I eagerly sat by the window at the cabin looking up Tabor WC results early Sunday morning. But really, I finally had to get away from it all. It's not as easy as I make it look, this not racing CX thing I am doing.  The good thing is, I love a lot of things and not being able to race presents opportunities to do other things. In my other life, I take weekends at the cabin and do some work, go for hikes with friends and play in the snow. In my other life, I buy apples at the orchards, try new recipes, sew, read in front of the woodstove and take lots of pictures. Here are a few recent pictures from 'my other life' & some from playing along.

Today's walk near the cabin w/ Wendy. 10/22/2012
Yesterday's snowy hike.  10/21/2012
Erin & I with big silly snow grins. 10/21/2012
First attempt self timer photo.
2nd attempt.
Attempt 3. As good as it gets. Thanks dogs.
Heading back down.
Amazing day freezing feet off with friends!
Saturday's late afternoon dog hike. 10/20/2012
Colors popping.
The falls 3 weeks later. Gushing. 10/20/2012
Tim in new kit. In Fort Collins day 1. 10/13/2012
Day 2 Fort Collins. Gorgeous weather. 10/14/2012
Hot, dry dusty day at Alpenrose first weekend in October! 10/7/2012
My potential career as a photographer is not looking good.
At least Tim is looking good.

Monday, October 1, 2012

And CX season is off with a...

I could end that sentence with many different words. In all reality, it was off with a tear. Or two. I had no idea how hard it would be to be in Sun Prairie at the first USGP, have the gun go off and not be blasting off the front row, but rather waiting down the straight away to cheer the ladies on. It is almost cruel and unusual punishment to be forced to be there, but I am supporting Tim's campaign to race the USGP series again. Tomorrow I will know more about what my season will look like. It is my 6 week follow up after surgery (which is actually 6 1/2 weeks, but who's counting???) In the meantime, however, I have managed to keep myself busy. Words are boring. I will fill in the gap since my birthday in pictures.

The weekend of Septemeber 14-16, we visited the Wilders in Olympia. Of course there was a cx race on the weekend plans for Tim. And I got to see the Weymillers on Sunday at the race! And many other familiar faces with the same old question, "why aren't you racing???"

The Weymiller kids at Steilacoom: Tim's first CX race of the season.
Tim & Patrick post dust fest.
At least I had friends to hang out with while Tim raced.

The week of September 17, we had Drew Hartman in town. I was able to hike to the top and beyond of Multomah Falls for the first time in 11 years. Sometimes its good to play tourist.

On the Perdition trail beyond the observation deck at the top. So beautiful.
It is pretty incredible.

Then we packed up for Madison. It was strange packing up for a USGP and not having anything bike related with me. I did have my Bogs just in case, but it turned out to be a dry weekend. I only went because I have college friends in Madison, I was going to stay in MN and see family, and Tim begged me to come pit for him. How could I say no???

Day 2 USGP. Pre race stretch!
College friends: Meghan & Karine. Thank you Karine & family for hosting us, AGAIN.
And a quick train ride from Madison to go back to MN and see the fam on the farm.
Musa & my sister Catherine.
They have gotten so old so fast: Abi & Alec.
Played bingo with my Oma. 3 generations. My mom, grandma & me.
My best childhood friend, Liz. So glad she only lives a mile from my parents.

As great as it is to visit family and go 'home', and as fast as 4 days can go by, I was ready to be back 'home'. The weather in Oregon right now is unbelievable. I didn't want to miss out. And with no biking still allowed, I took the opportunity to do something I NEVER do. Especially in the Fall. HIKE.

My hike to Tamanawas on Saturday, the long way. From Polallie trailhead and around.
It was pretty.
Weather was perfect.
Sunday I hiked Tilly Jane for the first time in Fall.
Everything looks different with no snow.
At a slower pace, you see things from different angles.
 Tomorrow is D-Day so to speak. I am anxious to ride outside again, but I have been keeping positive, keeping busy and reminding myself that a life time of being active is way more important that one season of racing cyclocross. I am told that 'changing things up' is a good thing.