Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A 41 year update! 9/12/2012

Today was/is my birthday. It has been a glorious day, but it has reminded me I need to update my blog. I am also 4 1/2 week post surgery on my back. And a lot has happened since my last blog. Not all of it blog worthy, but some of it definitely. Lot's of cabin time, which has been great and good for recovery (except for labor day weekend when I was determined to fix our screens). Last week/weekend we were in Bend for masters nationals. I couldn't defend my title, but Tim had a great TT and placed 5th. The RR and crit were not so successful. But no matter. He came home with a shiny medal and it was great. 

Today was awesome. I had an amazing day and a lot of well wishes via FB and text/email. But I guess it is also a good time to let everyone know what is going on re: CX season. I will NOT be in Vegas. No racing for me until at least October. Maybe November. It sucks, but the alternative sucks more. I will be in Madison for the opening USGP b/c Tim is racing, I have college friends in Madison and I am planning on spending some time with my family in MN after the race. My parents are going to come watch Tim race and fetch me from Madsion. God love them. 
I have had a lot of time to reflect on what the heck the future holds. I have decided to not force racing. I am going to take the appropriate time to recover and make this surgery stick and be successful. I am taking it day by day. I have focused on other things, like my future. More on that, but working on a lot of things in this down time. 
I feel very fortunate for being 41 and healthy and happy. I appreciate everyone's well wishes and I feel blessed to have wonderful friends, an amazing husband and an appreciation for life!