Thursday, August 9, 2012

Never enough time!

I write this blog post knowing my fun is coming to a temporary end, but also knowing it will make the future much more bright. I have been having a blast, cramming in as much riding as my body can tolerate, enjoying friends, the weather and just figuring out what the hell I am going to do. It has been an emotional roller coaster, and one I think I have handled pretty well. What is this all about? Well, let me tell you! In a very abbreviated way.
January 2011 I crashed at cx worlds in Germany. May 2011 I finally figured out my si joint was frozen and my pelvis twisted. Got that fixed. Suffered through the 2011-2012 CX season and did o.k. Still in PT, still getting accupuncture, massage, tried rolfing. Still in pain. Still racing and sometimes still racing quite well. Crash at short track early June. Crash at Picketts charge. Bakers City, get dropped on every hill. Legs are crazy sore. Throbbing. I'm perplexed. Mt. Tabor, still muster through. Still win a few of them. Last one, I can't get up the hill. I'm frustrated. PT tells me to finally get an MRI. TAAADAAAAA! Films don't lie. Apparently I have a MAJOR HUGE bulging disc between the L4 & L5. There is no telling how long I have had it. But it is pissing the nerves to my legs off in a bad way. And of course, I had to wait until I could hardly pedal to do something about it. STUPID! After lots of opinions, research, doctor appointments, hanging upside down (literally), etc, I have decided to get surgery. And I am getting it tomorrow. No more delays. CX is right around the corner and I don't want to miss the entire season. Yes, I will have a delayed start, but I want my legs back. I can't even think of racing as I am now (yes, it is that bad!), so I am hopeful and optimistic and very excited to get this bulge off my nerves. The doctor is awesome. Works with athletes and I am in good hands. It is minor surgery. 45 minutes. About the length of a 'cross race. So, tomorrow is D-Day. Wish me luck. But to leave this post on a positive note, here is what my last week has looked like. Not too bad!

Festivities in Hood River; Middle of an O'Connor sandwich.
Riding Surveyors with my best guy.
Dawn's fabulous 40th in Hood River.
Boulder Lakes with Wendy & Alex on Monday's boondoggle.

Wendy taking pics of tadpoles.

Hanging out a bit with my buddy Sarah and her fam while she was in PDX. Miss her already!


And this is just 20 seconds of my favorite awesomeness when I was so desperate to ride, I actually went by myself. Man, I am going to miss mountain biking for a bit. I wanted just one last weekend of riding, but that meant putting off surgery by a couple of weeks and I don't have that kind of time. Oh, the choices we make! I'll miss you singletrack! But I will be back!!!