Monday, March 26, 2012

Back to biking, sneaking in some skiing, wine tasting & Mom visiting!

As my first race is sneaking up on me, I have been back to riding and really enjoying it, including a few great days on the mountain bike. And yes, a few in the pouring rain that leave a little less than to be desired. The most memorable of the bad was last week on Wednesday evening when I joined Tim to finally brave the weather when it was 37 and raining. Good thing we have good gear. That was the evening after my mom left after her 2+ week visit. Sad to see her go, but I am sure she was sick of me bossing her around. Telling her to just sit and relax while I made her dinner and folded her clothes. It was her vacation after all.
Since my last post, we spent a Saturday wine tasting with friends (not our normal weekend affair), and then Tim braved the banana belt series the next three weekends while I enjoyed a few more good weekends at the cabin (2 with mom), splitting up days of riding with days of xc skiing. And before my mom got here, I even snuck in a daily double. Downhill ski in the morning, mountain bike in the afternoon. I love days like those. And the day after she left, after having missed powder days the day she flew in and the day she flew out, I finally went up and got some face shots. It wasn't epic, but it was fun. And I have to say, the ski fever is wearing off and I am having more fun riding. I think that means one thing. I must be ready to be back at it. April 1 is the official unofficial start to my racing season. I think it is going to be a fun spring/summer. And I will finally have things to blog about. Stay tuned...

Pics in chronological order:

Wine tasting with our Patrick & Anita, Rob & Heidi, & our host, Taylor Davis & his wife Jen

Taylor, Tim, Me, Rob Heidi
March always starts like this at our house! Tim's birthday 3/1.

We kept getting refreshed with new snow to play in.

Mom multi-tasking at the cabin. Reading AND watching a movie.

Margaritas to say good bye.

Back to some long rides without rain (temporarily) & with Tim.

But the snow & mountain still call...