Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Hard to believe it has been over 6 weeks since I stepped off my bike at nationals and have only been on a bike 3 times since then. Don't worry, I haven't just been couch surfing. I did take almost 2 weeks off from total activity, but I only made it about 12 days before I had to hop on skis. And I haven't stopped yet. It has been a non-stop flurry of playing in the snow. Nordic skiing, both classic & skate, backcountry skiing and a few days of using the lift. I had 3 elongated cabin weekends with good friends. Great dinners, wine and socializing with lots of miles on the snow. We even snuck in a company new years party in one friday night. And the River City Bicycles ski day. Then off to ski with a friend on vacation visiting from Illinois followed by our annual Wallowas backcountry ski trip. BUSY! BUSY! BUSY! Here is a mostly photo recap of it all!
The cabin was never empty!

Look Ma, no helmets!

Our new backcountry pals: the Fords!

Stone shelter on Cooper Spur in the howling wind.

Old friends joined us to play. Carol Williard returns!

We had guests big and small.

Wendy and the dogs on one of our epic XC ski outings.

When our friend Mike Hills arrived from Illinois on February 10th, I had to join him on his 'ski safari' prior to our annual Wallowas backcountry yurt trip. Mike arrived Friday afternoon and we b-lined up to Whistler, staying a couple of nights with my friend Shannon Smith. The weather was too socked in to navigate the backcountry, so one day of lift serve for me and then I just hung out. Paying $100 to ski when you can't see is not my thing.

Shannon & me.

At least we skied great terrain even if we couldn't see.
Sunday evening we drove down to Bellingham and then spent Monday in the backcountry near Mt. Baker.
Life is good. Hair is bad.

Mike with Shuksan in background.
Then to Buckley to stay with the Weymillers before an epic day in the backcountry at Crystal.


Crystal Backcountry. Great last run of the day.

Then I made it home to have a Thai Valentine's dinner waiting for us on Tuesday. Then Wednesday it was off to the Wallowas. 4 days of epic adventures in the Norway Basin. Amazing snow. Great weather.
Our bunk for 3 nights.

Heading out.

I love skiing and Tim.

Patron shots.

And more alcohol abuse.

Heading to Red Mountain. Day 2.

Final boot pack up.

Day 2 on top of Red Mountain.

Day 2 evening yurt time.


Day 3 bonfire lunch. Too bad we all couldn't sit still too long.


Zobott showed me all the amazing lines on day 3.

Got my 5 year WAH hat after 9 years.

We all saw plenty of this.

The group on the last day.

Day 4. Last run. So sad.

Great way to end a great trip.

 We really got lucky, because Mike and I went up to the cabin on Monday night planning to ski on Tuesday, but got rained out. Pineapple express has arrived. I guess it is a good thing so I get back on my bike! My ski days aren't over yet, but I actually really want to ride my bike. I think I'll head out now.