Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back in the saddle...

I forgot to blog. I guess when I don't take pictures, I don't feel I can post. Who wants to just read??? But it's better than not blogging, right? Nothing too terribly exciting, but here is my update.
Since I am back in the saddle training a bit, trying to regain my fitness, it was time to try out my post PT self doing some harder efforts. What better place to do your first threshold efforts than Mt. Tabor, aka Wednesday Night Worlds. It was a very successful first race back. I LOVE THAT RACE! I almost think my brain could win that race, b/c something happens to me when I'm up there. I go into auto pilot. No matter how bad it hurts, I just go. And somehow it has worked again and again. I had to work hard for it. On the beginning of the 3rd lap after the prime, I went and Amy Campbell came with me. I was almost shocked that we were away and clear. We rode together for 4 laps and nervous about my sprint and fitness, I didn't want to sprint, so I tried to go with 2 to go. It worked. I rode solo for 2 laps for the win. A nice come back.
Sunday's TT was a whole other story. Reluctantly I went to the OBRA TT Championships with Tim. Kendra thought it would be good. So I got my borrowed TT bike out, figured out a saddle to put on it and what wheels I could use, made it feel as o.k. as a TT bike can and off we went. I knew it was going to hurt no matter what, but a good solid one hour effort to try to get back to race shape. Little did I know the person following me was a serious TT-er. When she rolled up in a (borrowed) USA speed suit and compression socks on and all the lastest TT stuff, disc wheel and all, I knew I was in trouble. Granted, I had no expectations, but I got whooped. By almost 5 minutes. Yes, I took 2nd, but I have determined that TT is an art that needs to be practiced. And 40K is a long way to go on a very uncomfortable bike. However, my husband is the new OBRA TT Champion in the Masters Men 45-49! Yahoo!!!

TT Champion Timmy!
2nd place
Then Monday, I made my debut on the dirt. I helped with the women's clinic at 4, did the kiddy race, then sat around for the 30 minutes of pain. I love short track and on my new 29-er, it was pretty fun. Granted, I don't really know how to ride it yet and that was quite obvious with my 2 sort of crashes. I didn't start well and girl in front of me braked hard on one of the sharp corners and I turned to sharp and went down, and the girl behind me went into me. Oops. Not to panic. Off the back, I worked my way forward. And then battled it out with Bridgette. It was not easy. I have a long way to go. OUCH!
I love being back on the bike. Baby steps. Eventually I will be there. And hopefully at the right time!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bike racing when you aren't bike racing: Mt. Hood Cycling Classic, June 2-5, 2011

As painful as it was to not be racing Mt. Hood, it wasn't going to keep me away. It's my backyard. And Tim was racing, so I was support. I cooked for everyone and kept them fueled up. We had a houseful at the cabin, and it was a great weekend. Weather was great and I was riding again. I do think, however, that not racing was more work than racing. But then again, when I race, I tend to care take too. So maybe I would have just done a bit less.
Thursday I rolled up to the cabin and dropped off supplies, then headed to the Dalles to our friends, Dave & Erin Fords. It was great. I went for a ride with Todd Meier from Boise and then dinner with the best view in the Dalles. Friday morning Erin and I were both driving for the races. I ended up driving Wheels 2 for Tim's race. It was quite an experience. Being on the other side of the race, you realize how much work goes into coordinating it and getting people to volunteer. It is really an amazing feat. Racers should never take it for granted. After our driving duties, Erin and I headed out on our own little adventure. A really fun ride in the Dalles, out her door with a mix of gravel and road. A bit of climbing. More than I had done in a while. It was awesome, but then back to the cabin to cook dinner for the troops. 
The boys finishing in the 2nd group
Fulfilled after the first day!
 Saturday was Tim's TT & Crit. I had a full day getting dinner ready ahead of time, dropping everything off in Hood River and then doing Tour de Hood, helping Kendra with a little sweeping on the path to Mosier. It was a beautiful day. HOT! Felt like summer. The ride was my biggest yet post PT. It felt good. I was psyched. Then after a great ride, I quickly got dinner together, got to the crit to see Tim race, back to dinner duty and then by 10, we were headed back to the cabin. Thank you to Mike Jones for hosting all of us for nice relaxing time at his house pre and post crit. 

Patricia & Lisa pre-crit. All smiles.
Tim ready to rock it!
Karsten going for a flyer.
Tim on the corner.
The team post crit.
Sunday was the BIG day. I got up late, as I was supposed to depart at 8 to get down to the corner I was directing traffic at for Tour De Hood. To get there before the riders, we zipped down with the car, missing only 3 riders, then we got ourselves situated, drove back to Parkdale and parked and did our ride. With over 5200 feet of climbing, it was my biggest ride and my 5th day in a row. I was cautious, but I survived. It was painful to watch many of the riders limping home. It was a big day for them all. Tim had a crash on one of the descents. Nothing serious, except it set off cramps and when I saw him in Parkdale, I got 'the look'. He was in pain. He lost over 10 minutes in the last 9 miles. Our home court advantage did not pay off for him, but he finished and rolled back to the cabin and after getting helped up the stairs and on the couch, we started to pamper him. Got him rehydrated so he could do his own preferred rehydration. Beer then wine. We had some amazing deck time with friends and the war stories were told. But there was a lot of laughing and smiles. It is only bike racing, after all. 

Kelly & Melissa on Lake Branch climb.
It's all downhill from here. (if you parked at Parkdale, like we did.) Kelly, nice phone.
Ahhhh. Deck time.

And the bonus was an extra night at the cabin to chill out and wake up and start the final exit from the weekend. I allowed Tim to chill and read on the deck. He was very appreciative. And now I think my watching days are over. I am back on the bike and going to be gradually working back into racing. It was an exciting milestone for me!

Happy boy.