Tuesday, November 29, 2011

OBRA CHAMPS & JINGLE CROSS ROCK! Catching up on the past few weekends.

Somehow time got away once again. So I have to back up to the weekend of November 19-20th. Tim and I both became the OBRA CX Champs! It was non stop excitement. Actually, it was just an awesome course with slippy mud and some not as bad weather as we had expected. I was totally psyched when I crossed the line and they announced that it looked like 'the Butlers would be taking home matching medals.' And then he came across the line way ahead of his competition. I was absolutely ecstatic. It was the one that had eluded him in years past. And finally the gold was going home with him. Whew!

Half the fun of CX are the friends.

Butlers with their game faces on.

A quick week at home and then Thursday Tim was off to Kansas and I was off to Iowa. He was visiting family and eating some turkey and I was racing my bike. At least I had the company of Serena Bishop on this trip. It was 3 days of racing in what looked to be some challenging conditions. But our challenge started the minute we arrived and our bikes did not arrive. A direct flight and no bikes? Not a great way to start our adventure. With the promise of "your bikes may arrive on Saturday before noon", we decided an overnight in Chicago and picking our bikes up by ourselves if they made it in on the promised flight at 11 a.m. was a better way to go. Then at least we still had a chance to race on Friday evening. It worked out. They came. Not an ideal situation to drive 3.5 hours, quickly build bikes, change clothes and then go race, but it is all part of the adventure. Friday evening was dry and clear and almost balmy. Racing in the evening is always a bit challenging for me, but I mustered a podium in the 3rd spot.

Wish I could have stayed in this position.

Saturday was the rainy day. Lots of mud, super fun course. It was ideal for cyclocross. I just wasn't riding ideally. But I came back from a few mistakes and again, slotted into the 3rd spot.

Awesome conditions.

Freezing cold & muddy.

Sunday was frigid, but not raining. Still muddy and fun, but super cold. Thanks to the great support of MyWifeInc, we had a tent to warm up in over the weekend and a cx family to hang with. It was awesome. My race on Sunday, however, not so awesome. The cold air and the run up Mt. Krumpit put a fork in me. I was done. Although it was only four laps, I went backwards. I was having trouble breathing, pedaling, running, walking, riding, etc. It was one of those days. I hung on for 6th, but it was one of those body mechanicals that causes you to wonder if this is really worth it. Not breathing is not fun. But a few days pass and you send a few emails, talk to your coach, doctor, etc and then decide, yes, it is worth it. And if they told you you had to quit, you probably wouldn't listen anyhow. Already excited for the next race.

Before my race totally fell apart...

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Nice blog the pictures make me want to take up cyclocross.