Sunday, October 2, 2011

That's racing... Madison USGP #1 & #2, September 24-25th, 2011

Sometimes things go exactly as planned, sometimes they don't. Sometimes your bike cooperates and works in the mud, sometimes it doesn't. Madison weekend was a bit rough for me, but all the bad luck is out of the way for the season. And I re-learned how to ride in the mud. It took a while. The bonus of going back to the mid-west is a few days with family and also staying with a good college friend in Madison. Here is a bit about the weekend.
Race #1: All went well. I didn't get the hole shot, but it was smart. Not even the best start, but before I knew it, I was in the front. Not on purpose. The race was good. I rode smart. A large group of us stayed together for a long time. I was right where I needed/wanted to be. And then the conditions changed & I didn't want to pit because I didn't want to lose any time. As it turned out, I lost more time than planned washing out around newly slick corners. Chasing back on again and again. Essentially, I went from 4th to 8th real fast. It was still a good race. The fitness was there. I felt great. But to get 8th and have that good of a race. Our fields are getting deeper in the U.S. It was fun.
Race #2: It was wet. It was going to be muddy. Conditions changed constantly. I felt like a fish out of water that first lap. I had lost any mud riding ability I once possessed. That first lap, I realized my rear brake had come undone. With only a front brake, more crashes. My front tire constantly was washing out, grass was building up fast everywhere. My one bike was skipping on the cassette. But no panic. I finally got my A game back. Started riding smoother. Started picking off people. I finally had passed Meredith & Kathy, and found myself back with Caroline Mani. We were 5th and 6th and chasing well. And then it happened. My chain somehow fell off my cog into the spokes. I tried to get it out for a few seconds (seemed like an eternity) and finally gave up and started running. Almost a half lap. I figured I was dead last at that point, with all the progress I had made gone. But that is 'cross. Shit happens. I was surprised to see the results the next day to find out I only fell back to 11th. It could have been worse. But not something I care to repeat. Learning from the mistakes. Communicating better with my pit person. And just relaxing and not panicking.

Tim had better races than I. 2nd and 3rd.

Tom. Our lucky to be alive friend.

Maddie and Audrey, our little Madison fans.

My friend Karine and I. Always hard to say goodbye.
Day one was dry until about 2 to go.

Day 2 was muddy from the gun. I laid in it a few times. Ran in it a bunch. NOT MY BEST DAY!!!
After the racing was over, it was a few days of family time. Spending a half day with my best childhood friend and seeing my niece and nephew. Then a birthday party at my sister's house for her son. Time with my grandma. Time with my mom. Saw a few other relatives. It was nice. Short, but nice. And getting home and starting all over with the craziness. That is why this blog is late. Catching up is hard when the time goes so fast.

Mom, me, Oma & sister Cathy.
Abi, Musa & Alec. My MN niece and nephews.
Lucky to still have a grandma!!!

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I fully expect pit usage in Europe (provided I'm at the race). :-)