Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lordy, lordy, I'm really 40.

I finally caught up to my racing age from last year for CX. I guess it was inevitable. I feel I am in a great place for my age. Happy, healthy and having a blast. Awesome weekend of celebrating and doing so many things I love. It's really not that bad turning 40. Embrace it. The alternative sucks.
 Great weekend. Started out with an overnight at the cabin, despite the smoke and fire. It was fabulous & much needed to lower the stress levels from prepping for cx. Had a great meal and time on deck, followed by a great ride on Saturday. Then a sunset beach dinner on the sandbar in Hood River. Never done that before.
Checking out the fires while on our ride.

The best husband ever.

Tim with the other bday folks. Mike's on 9/11, P-Dowd's on 9/13.
SAD! Won't spend too many more weekends here during cx. I'll sneak away during the week.

dinner and drinks on the sand bar on columbia in Hood River.

A perfect sunset.

We headed home and then woke up Sunday for some hot, dusty cx racing and then a party in the evening. It was great fun. I have amazing friends and they made it stress free for me. Monday, my actual birthday, I had some business to take care of, but hung out with Pam and her kids, even though brunch was not to be.

The downhill barriers while suffering in the 92 degree heat.

BFF Pam here for the party.

Rob and I trying to re-enact picture for high school days.

Me in all my glory. I know. Pretty funny. There were some doozies.

The youngest guest at the party. Axel Weaver!

It's good to be loved.

Proof I can do one pull up. But that was it. Just one. Weak sauce.

And the laughter continued...

My husband treated me to an amazing evening of good wine, a beautiful Jill Platner necklace to commemorate turning old and dinner at Laurelhurst Cafe. One of our favorite splurges. Followed up by wine on the roof after packing bikes for Vegas. A girl has to work too, you know. Thanks to all who helped me turn 40. It was great. 

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Brennabella said...

Sorry to miss it. Thanks for sharing. Almost like being there.