Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cascade Cycling Classic, Bend, OR July 19-24, 2011

Anne, me, Lindsay, Brenna, Anona, Beth &Ashley

It's no lie. I love stage racing. Granted, the mtb stage races are a lot more fun, but I can't afford them. I can support myself on the road, but at Cascade, I guest rode for BMC (Bend Memorial Clinic), the title sponsor of the race. It was a great week of racing with a great group of gals. For me, it was the stepping stone to cyclocross. I had to skip the 100-mile mtb race to race 6 days in a row and it apparently did what it was supposed to. Whip my butt back into shape. I have no stories of glory to tell you. I did nothing spectacular, except over-cooking a corner on the last day and sliding on the pavement. Not a good way to end, but I brushed it off and finished the race, reminding myself I was there for fitness. It was a bummer, being with the main chase and determined to stay and then be lying on the ground. At least a group was coming that I joined to finish. Overall, I rode better than I thought I would. My body did not fail me. All the hard work and PT has been working. It excites me, as just over a month ago I was being dropped at Elkhorn and unable to finish. So all in all, Cascade was a success. I saw a lot of people I haven't seen in forever, I was able to chill out for almost a week, just focusing on racing, eating and reading my book. A rare treat. Tim arrived Thursday night for his 3 day, 4 stage race. He finished in the top 10 in every stage and I believe 7th overall. He is a superstar. 
focused for prologue

Still smiling after McKenzie pass stage.

Love me some crit racing.

Hate me some road rashing. Dr. Brenna helping me out. Me screaming. Tim laughing.

Thanks you to BMC for a great week of guest riding and Matt Lasala for some great photos!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, I happened to be at that corner you fell at and got a picture of you as you hit the deck and also of you riding off with wounds. I'd send it to you for your scrap book but don't know where. About 10 minutes before you came around that corner a guy said he thought the pavement was getting soft because of the heat.

Sue said...

I'd love to see those. You can email me at

Thanks for the message.