Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The BEER I drank in Belgium!

This past weekend I didn't do anything spectacular enough to blog about. In fact, I have spent most of it trying to whip myself back into shape with rides not in 70 & sunny and that don't include a break with beer and lunch. A hard transition. We did spend some time at the cabin, but it has been ride, ride, ride. Suffer, suffer, suffer.
I think I have suffered more than normal b/c I drank too much beer in Belgium and am still hauling it around. Here is a photo journal of the different beers we drank.  Wherever we were, we tried to drink the local brew. And more than one, usually. Never found one I didn't like. They are not in any particular order. Keep in mind, it is not a complete story. There were many we missed, like Duvel, Chimay, etc. But sometimes when drinking, taking pictures of your beer is not high on the priority list. But now beer is off the list completely. My body thanks me.


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Lindsey Smith said...

Awesome photo roundup! De Dolle Dulle Teve is longtime personal favorite and available in Portland.