Sunday, March 13, 2011

March Madness: B-days, family, biking, skiing, winetasting, racing, etc...

WHEW! March is off with a BANG! After my return from Utah, things got busy. Too busy to blog, apparently. We started the month with celebrating Tim's 45th birthday. Nothing special, but a nice sushi dinner with lots of saki! And Belgian pralines in lieu of cake. 

My handsome birthday boy.

Then my brother Nik and his gal pal Sara arrived.

Then Ryan & Kira came to town and we celebrated Ryan's 30th birthday (damn, he is YOUNG!) and went to the opening of the Het Fairwheel Podium where both our cross bikes are proudly displayed.

The birthday boy, Ryan, Kira, Tim & I.

Then a weekend of bike riding, wine tasting, Tim doing his first race, P. Dowd visiting, etc.
Patricia Dowd and I enjoying some post ride libations. She raced. I just rode.
The crew: Melissa, Kendra, P. Down, Nik, Sara & Bill
So serious. Except for Coach K.
 My mom arrived monday, so we headed to the cabin. Nik and I skied for a day, making some sweet turns, then I dragged him and Sara nordic skiing on Wednesday, so I could get some skate and classic skiing in.
Nik and I enjoying the ever changing weather at Mt. Hood.
Our favorite run of the day. We tracked it out. So nice...
Mom feeding the rodents with wings on the deck.
Sara and Nik on the bridge at Multnomah Falls in the rain.
Me and Mom

Then back to P-town to get rid of Nik & Sara. One night with Tre in town. Busy times at the Butler house. Then off to Echo for some mountain biking. Granted, I wasn't going to race, but how do you go to a race and not race? It's really hard. Especially when there is nothing wrong with you except the fact you haven't really started training yet and it is the opposite of what you should be doing. But heck, I did it. And won. A pleasant surprise. And although it hurt, I felt so much better than I should have. Unfortunately Rebecca Rusch showed up and made me work harder than I would have liked too. Oh well. Perhaps it made the victory that much sweeter, b/c I actually had to 'race'.  Tim had a great race too, getting bested by only Greg Turpin.

Second place!

I pulled off the 'W'. Barely.

Jenni, Me and Rebecca for the overall.

Then to the cabin for a night, only to wake up to rain. And then we are up to date. 13 days into March. It's been a great month so far. The training is starting for real now. No more fair weather riding for me. Time to get serious. At least I got the first race out of the way.

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Nikolas said...

I'm FAMOUS, I'm on the INTERNETS! I had so much fun Sue, thanks again! And yes, Lower Heather was awesome.