Friday, January 21, 2011

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The support for my trip has been overwhelming! The fundraiser at HUB there were 344 beers drank in my honor on a Tuesday night and Christian Ettinger, Brewmaster and Owner of HUB, rounded up his donation to $500. With that and the raffle tickets sold, I believe I may have covered the expenses for my trip. I haven't done the final accounting, but it is amazing in such a short time we were able to pull this off. It has also caused others to rally behind the cause. For instance, Jeff Ernst started his own fundraiser: Selling   $4/lb $25/5 lb donated through 1/31 and also   I don't even know Jeff and haven't met him, but I hope to thank him in person one day. Others have asked to make further donations. Here's the catch. Once my trip is paid for, anything above and beyond will be set aside to further the cause. Help some one else reach their dream. 
I have arrived in Belgium, so in my jet-lagged state, I am still marveling at the support out there and how much fun Tuesday night was. I think we may have to make it an annual event, even if I am not the cause.

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Anonymous said...

If looking to help someone else to help out, consider:

Bjorn Fox, Clif Bar Development Cross Team member and 2010 National Championship 17-18 silver medalist.

See for fund-raising efforts to get Bjorn to Germany.