Monday, January 24, 2011

Back in Belgium! And the Netherlands: Hoogerheide, 1/23/2011

My plan kind of backfired on me this trip. I left a day later hoping that one less night of bad sleep would bring me fast legs, clear head and good luck. Wrong. I didn't ride my best in Hoogerheide. In fact, my legs felt great riding, but not so great running. I know I have the fitness, I just wasn't on my game. I had some issues. Many technical (riding stupid). A few bike. A little breathing. But reality is that I will chalk it up as an opener for this next weekend. The big show. 25th is not the end of the world. And my first race over here is never my best. I am so in awe of Katie and how she can be so on her game after the travel. She is truly amazing.

Too far back...

...when the chaos started.

The old drop was now a run up. I liked going down it better. Ughh.

It was a super fun course. Except for the running.

One to go

But even cooler than the first race back here was the trip to the Ridley factory today (monday). So cool to see how the bikes are hand painted here in Belgium.  To see the entire process from the arrival of the frames to the complete product. I will blog about that soon. Too tired to think right now.

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Great write-up, good luck next week!