Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Delayed post: Fort Collins was a no go, OBRA CX Championships, & Kruger's.

So, when your mom calls to make sure everything is o.k. because your blog is not updated, you know it has been too long since your last blog entry. Well, to be honest, the weekend before last, not going to Fort Collins and still being sick was not exciting or fun and really not blog worthy. Granted, I got a nice weekend relaxing a the cabin out of it, but frankly, I would have rather been racing. Tim still raced and got a podium on day one, finishing 2nd, then 7th on Sunday.
This past weekend, I got my wish. I was back in the saddle racing. OBRA Cyclocross Championships on Saturday and Kreugers on Sunday. The state championships were a blast. A super muddy, slick course, but it was not raining. It was good skills practice and a really fun course. A long slippy sidehill. It was a good first race back, and I claimed another OBRA State Championship. My first in CX, but my third for the year. I went from never having won one, to three in a year. Not bad.

Sunday I had to volunteer at Krugers. Our morning started out with car trouble., but we arrived just 15 minutes late for our shift. Then at the last minute, I decided to race the Singlespeed race instead of the women's race, b/c the weather was deteriorating fast. 1:00 start time vs. 3:00 start time. It was muddy. It was cold. My single speed was severely under geared (which I may have known, had I raced it or ridden it before) and I could not spin my legs fast enough to go fast. But I had fun. I had to stop and borrow someones towel to wipe my mouth off. I didn't want to get Giardia and I had already eaten enough mud. We were on a farm, after all. So, I finished, freezing, covered in mud, shivering, unable to get my muddy ucky clothes off fast enough. I made a mess in the Tahoe, but we got home and were fed, clean and showered hours earlier than I would have been had I stayed and raced against myself in the women's race.
So, that brings us up to date. Mom, I hope you won't worry anymore. Thanks for the call! Perhaps I shouldn't post as often, then my mom would call me more. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Dam Cross (Griffith Park), Los Angeles, CA, November 6-7, 2010

A last minute decision to go to LA to do some cross racing due to missing Boulder made for some interesting logistics. My best childhood friend, Liz, was already slated for an Oregon visit for her 40th bday this weekend, but being flexible, she accompanied me to LA for a weekend of sunshine, warm weather and some crazy cyclocross racing. She flew in Thursday to Portland and we had about 24 hours before our departure. We made the most of it.

A walk in Mt. Tabor

And then off to our little adventure south. Flight was smooth, luggage made it, rental car and hotel was all good. We attempted to adventure our first night there to the ocean, but with the sea of brake lights on the freeway, we opted out and chilled at the swanky Burbank Marriott.
Saturday we ventured to the course and Liz got to witness her first cyclocross race ever. And I got to shake the cobwebs out of my legs after being plagued by this sinus infection/cold. It was a rough day in the office, but I managed to muster up enough energy to make an attack on the last lap and hold out for a win. It was hard. It hurt. Welcome back to racing, body. Yikes. A little bonus was my good friend Gina and her little boy Calvin showed up, so I had a great fan club.

Gina and Calvin pre-race. What a nice surprise.

Love those barriers.

Happy for my first UCI win of the season.

Calvin watching my bike for me.

Day 1 Podium: Barb, Kathy, Me, Devon and Kari.

With the race over, we checked out the observatory at the top of the hill in Griffith Park. The views were amazing. Quite a park. I am amazed we were able to race in the park. It was so crowded, I was a bit in shock. I know there are 14 million people in LA, but I felt like they were all trying to get to the observatory too. Cars parked for miles along the road at the top. We were lucky to sneak to the top parking lot. (I'm a bike racer, I can't walk miles after racing.)

Liz and I with the Hollywood sign in background.

Holy skyline and big city.

As the sun was setting, we ventured to Hollywood Boulevard. I had been and remember seeing the 'stars' on the sidewalk. I brought Liz and it was hopping. A film festival with Limo's arriving intermittently. It was buzzing. We walked, observed, did a little shopping. It was quite an experience on a Saturday night. Then we passed out. We are old, afterall.

Liz taking it all in.

With an extra hour of sleep, we were up bright and early on Sunday. Back to the races. Another great day, feeling a bit better. And another awesome surprise. My dad's cousins, Bill and Triss, showed up right before the start of the race to watch. I had to win now. And I did. I went from the gun and didn't turn around. I raced conservatively, smart, did not take any chances and made my lead stick.

Another win for the weekend. Hard fought against my teammate Kathy.

The Hudz-Subaru gals with the one-two punch both days.

Day 2 podium: Devon, Kathy, Me, Barb, Corinne.

The family: Triss, her grandson, Liz, Me, Bill

So, with the surprise visit, it turned into a spontaneous dinner. My Grandma Jo met us and Bill's wife Elaine and daughter. It was a great little family reunion. I was wondering how to fit it all in over the weekend and a quick bite to eat was a great way.

Grandma Jo is looking good and as spunky as ever!

Celebrating Liz's birthday, 2 victories and many years of friendship.

And although it felt really late with the early darkness upon us, it was early. The night was young. Liz and I headed out to the beach. We had to see the ocean. Liz had never been to California, so the closest was Santa Monica, so we went to the Pier. Wow. It is a carnival. Literally. I had no idea. But it was a beautiful evening and we saw the ocean! I even dipped my toes in it.

What a great trip! I'm so glad we made it happen!!!

Monday morning was an early wake up call. I had to say my goodbyes to Liz as she flew back to her life in MN and I went back to Portland to the rain and to try to continue to kick this cold.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sinus sadness = no Halloween madness. October 30-31, 2010

The call had been made and there would be NO racing for me this weekend. I was still not feeling well and had to cancel my tickets for Boulder. Now I was forced to be in Astoria for the Cross Crusade as a spectator. I figured I couldn't let a silly sinus infection stop me from enjoying Halloween a little bit. Saturday we drove to Astoria and I pitted for Tim and Wendy, then dinner at the Rogue.

Tim on the chase. 3rd place finish on Saturday.

Sunday I woke up to sunny blue skies and pedaled over to Wendy's hotel and we went for a little spin by the ocean. It was nice to pedal a little bit and the views were stunning.

But then duty called and it was back to the pits, but today dressed to complement Tim's cheetah outfit. I was on safari looking for wild animals. Although I couldn't enjoy racing this year at Astoria, it was nice to be there and take in the chaos. It never ceases to amaze me how seriously people take Halloween. The creativity and outfits were amazing. Already looking forward to next year!

Tim as the fastest animal on the planet.

Scooby Doo (aka Brad Ross) on Brett's bike.

Tim & Sumo Seth

Even Indie Punkin' dressed up. Like a pumpkin. So cute.

I was lucky enough to spend one more night on the coast, waking up to trees bending, wind blowing and sideways rain. There was a small window that the rain let up, and we caught it just right for a quick walk on the beach. I definitely don't get to the ocean enough.

Rockaway driftwood.

Kendra and Melissa

It was so windy, you could see the wind.

One happy dog.