Monday, October 25, 2010

Plzen World Cup: A cultural experience. October 24, 2010

Germany feels like home. I can understand the language. Things feel familiar, and it was home for a week. Staying with my 'sister' from my exchange program in high school for a week. Margaret was a brilliant host, but I was a lame guest. Ride my bike, get sick, and try to ride my bike some more. Lay around, watch movies, cook dinner. A nice week to practice my Deutsch and see her new home. Augsburg is nice.

Typical town hall

Torture for the Gluten Free. MY FAVORITE THING: LAUGEN!!!

Every town has a church. This is Augsburg's.

Turm with scenic outlook of Augsburg.

My training ground. 5 minutes from home, I had the whole forest. Over 1000K of trails.

Saturday morning we headed to the Czech Republic. I have been there before, but is amazing that in a 3 hour drive, everything changes. The architecture, the alphabet, the language, the food. It wasn't culture shock, because I knew what to expect, but countries in eastern Europe are always just a bit 'different'. It was an awesome weekend. For a full report on the race, click here. On Saturday before the pre-ride, Margaret and I checked out the town square. Quite nice. Quiet and a bit empty and closed, but very nice.

Lovely park on the way to 'downtown'. With a lovely smokestack too.

Every square has a church. Some have fountains... I think they are new.

Pilsner Urquell Brewery entrance.

And the grounds.

And then for the evening, although I couldn't enjoy the fine libations, we went to the Pilsner Urquell brewery for dinner. Yes, very touristy, but they did have fine Czech cuisine and beer.

Mmmmm. Pre-race food? Nope. Pre-pit food for Witty.

Who knew Pilsner Urquell made dark beer too. Wish this was mine...

Dinner crew: Clark Ritchie, Brian Witty, Margaret & Me.

And it was great fun. Our stay was short, but fun. The race was relatively long and a lot of fun. And the post race food and drink selections, well... very Czech.

Just found it amusing...

The cheese and sausage booth.

Fresh fried chips.

Typical sweets.

Lots of various licorice.

The grilled, hot cinnamon almond bread stuff. I broke down. Had to have some.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to sporting my team Butler gear!!! Nice job Sue

Jeff S.

Kyia said...

Great pics Sue and excellent with a top 15 WC! Get healthy and enjoy the ride!