Tuesday, October 12, 2010

O-HI-O! October 8-10, 2010

It seems that Ohio has a heat spell every other year during the UCI3 weekend. Leaving nice mild temperatures, it was back to racing in summer heat. Dry and dusty. Not your typical CX weather, but with cross, you never know what you are going to get. I like to support this race, because they were the first to get on the bandwagon of paying women equally. And they try to extend the equal payout further down the ladder every year. And I have a great host there, Jeni Roosen. She rocks!
After flying in at midnight on Thursday, which is actually only 9 p.m. my time, getting up was hard. Because 10 a.m. is 7 a.m. and who sleeps until 10?
Friday was at Devou Park in northern KY. I headed down to what was the muddiest race last year and found the dust bowl. An extremely twisty course with lots of little elevation changes. You were either going up or down. Loose corners, bumpy grass and NO mud in sight. I suffered with the rest of them and finished 2nd after sitting in the chase group of 3 for a few laps. I attacked with one to go and finished strong.

Day 2 is typically one of my favorite courses, but this year there were a lot of changes. I was disappointed we didn't have the long sand pits, the barriers were in a different spot, but a twisty course nonetheless. I found myself in the front for a lap and then with a shadow for the rest of the race. LVG sat on me, made a calculated move and then sprinted to the line, leaving me in 3rd. Another great day of racing.

Harbin Park is another great venue that typically is a bit longer and covers more real estate. It was similar to the prior year. So I was bound and determined to not let the same thing happen as in 2009. I thought I was playing it 'smart', but a few tactical errors on my part left the race to a sprint again. Unfortunately for me, when we started to go for the line, I shifted and somehow my chain jammed itself between my front chainrings on the bottom. I looked down in disbelief. Thought it would be easily fixed, but after enough time wasted without luck, I had to get off my bike and run the last 40-50 meters. I was already out of contention for a podium and had I dismounted earlier and just ran, maybe I could have hung on for 5th, but unfortunately, I ended up in 7th. Lessons learned for sure. A costly mistake. It took me a few minutes to get over it, but in the end, it is just a bike race. Things happen. Dumb luck. Now off to Europe...

I would like to publicly thank my amazing host, Jeni Roosen. Not only is she just an amazing person, but a gracious hostess. Thank you Jeni!

I should also thank my sponsors and also the ORGANIC MECHANICS, Todd and Russ. They ROCK!!!

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Sue said...

Nice! way to ride the sand!
Good luck in Europe.