Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cross Crusade has begun: Alpenrose! October 3, 2010

Sometimes home is the best place to be. After a huge week of travel, recovering at home and then getting in some quality training and racing locally was exactly what I needed. Sure, UCI points are great, but I am so glad to have been a part of the awesomeness today at Alpenrose. Seeing the start at 2:00 and the amount of women lined up for all the races (except A's) was amazing. The future world champion may be in that sea of excited racers. Who knows?!? And it was a ton of fun. I really like racing at home. I am already looking forward to the USGP's in Portland.
I did what I do best, took the hole shot. But this time I stayed at the front, weaving in and out of the men that started before us. Thank you to everyone out there cheering like crazy. I always appreciate the extra motivation. Here's to CX in Oregon! I am glad I finally was convinced to join the club in 2005. Seems like just yesterday.

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Jonathan said...

Velonews says a World Cup bound Oregonian.... Awesome!