Monday, September 13, 2010

Older, wiser, faster, better? Right? September 11-12, 2010

Birthdays seem to happen every year even when we don't want to get older. And the same things seem to fall on them. Like Tim's annual conference in NYC and Pain on the Peak out in Hillsboro. This year, b/c Tim actually had to fly out on Sunday (my birthday), he wanted to race the short track Friday and the XC mtb on Saturday. I joined him, but the real deal was Sunday. My first CX race of the season! For which, by the way, I have a new sponsor and new team. Granted, I didn't have my new kits or new bikes complete yet, so I didn't want to make it too public. I will be racing the 2010 season for Hudz-Subaru. I am very excited and hopefully everything will come together this week, b/c the season starts for real this next weekend up in Seattle!
So, this past weekend I CRUSHED the field. DOMINATED. No one else even finished. Or bothered to show up. It was disappointing to have no other cat1/elite women show up for each of the 3 races. It made winning easy, but not as fun. I do love racing and riding, but felt kind of guilty for the 3 day sweep, claiming the big prize. I guess half of winning is showing up. I did that.

Tim's podium for STX. He crushed everyone, winning the overall.

Fun times on Friday night.

MTB racing on Saturday. Or riding in my case. (photo courtesy of Pat Malach)

Tim leading the xc mtb race.

My lonely podium on Saturday for the mtb race. It looked much the same Friday and Sunday.

4 sets of barriers, so I got good practice in at least. (photo by Pat Malach)

Ahhhh. Fun on the cx bike. (photo by Maria Patla)

Me chasing Seth in the golden fields of Bald Peak. (photo by Maria Patla)

The reward for showing up. Plus a nice stash of cash! (photo by Pat Malach)

My actual birthday ended with a very nice quiet bbq on the patio and a cake with 39 candles. Ouch. I don't think another one can fit. Ever. So I will stay 39.


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Awwww!!! Happy Belated Birthday Sue! Miss you! CP

DAK said...

Next year the pain + suffering birthday shindig will be in the Methow and on a MTB instead, right? The biggie is coming, uh oh.