Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And it has begun... CX season 2010. Starcrossed & Rad Racing: Sept. 18-19.

An amazing muddy weekend to kick things off. All the stress and anxiety getting new bikes built, new team, and just not knowing how it was going to go all turned out fine. It always does. My first race with my new team, HUDZ-SUBARU was one of my favorites, Star Crossed. And it was muddy. Although mud is a lot of work, it is much more fun to race.
As soon as the gun went off, the anxiety and stress was gone. I took the hole shot, just b/c I didn't want to have to worry about anything in the first corner, led the first lap and then settled in for the race. A few issues with slipping gears made it challenging, but with no time to pit, I just held on for the last spot on the podium. Simms is my new idol, although I've always thought she was amazing. 9 months after having Tycho, she is back in top form. Mical Dyck gave me a run for my money, but thankfully it all worked out.

And the season has begun.... photo by Joe Sales

Barriers all alone? I assume I was in 3rd at this point. Photo by Joe Sales

Led the first lap. It was fun, but not as fun as winning. 3rd was my destiny this time around.

Sunday's Rad Racing has traditionally been drier than Star Crossed, but this year, monsoon like weather persisted. The venue was a new one and it was muddy. Although there was no Knapp time run up, there was a nice sand run. The course was flat, technical and pretty darn fun. I took the whole shot, but did not lead for long. By the time we went by the pits, it was the same order the night before. I followed Wendy's amazing lines through the off camber and roots, but by the second sandpit had lost the wheel. My bike was doing the same thing as the night before (apparently it was not the cables/housing or anything. Perhaps my hub?) but I hesitated to pit, b/c I hadn't tried my B bike on the course and it was slick. But on the second to last lap on the last swing by the pit, I was forced off my bike about 10 meters before due to a dropped chain. Tim and I had a horrible bike change and I lost two places. No panic. I relaxed and decided I did not want to lose that way. I got ahead on the straightaway and then powered the last lap. Bike was working great. Tentatively I made my way over the roots and off camber sections, but had no problems, so I started to push the limit a bit more and with success. I finished in 3rd again. A solid weekend of racing and now it is off to Vegas. Stay tuned...

Hole shot.

Right before I settled into 3rd.

Rad Racing podium.

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Good job Sue! Corey