Sunday, August 1, 2010

RAMHOOD weekend: July 30-August1, 2010

We extended our weekend back to Thursday. Sort of. Tim's work had their summer event, a nice rooftop dinner, and I proceeded to work on having the best hangover ever on Friday. That made for a rough start to the weekend. I never really got 'drunk', I just got sick. Never again! Have you heard that before??? Friday I had the pleasure of spending some bonus time with my amazing friend Gina and her little guy Calvin. I had to ride my bike first to try to work out the cobwebs from the night prior.

Tim and I not in helmets. Still in Oakley's though. (Thank you, Sean)

Hanging with the Klotters.

Calvin hamming it up at Mt. Tabor park

And then we were off to the cabin for RAMHOOD. This was the 4th annual Butler RAMHOOD (Ride around Mt. Hood). We also provided a HAMHOOD (Half way around Mt. Hood) for those not inspired to circumvent the mountain. Departure time: 9 a.m. We were changing it up a bit this year and going clockwise. It was a small group for the full RAM, but great weather and great views made it as enjoyable as ever.

The crew: Patrick Wilder, Bill Zale, Joe Holcomb, Tim & me

The boys hamming it up at one of the many scenic views of Mt. Hood

Patrick getting jiggy on the Pacific Crest Trail. OK, not really. No bikes, duh.

Triple Trouble.

82 miles down, 5 to go, and still smiling. And about 8500 feet of climbing in our legs!

Although rider participating was lower this year than in the past years, the post-party was well attended. We had a record 20 people for dinner and 20 guests overnight, although 3 people camped in tents. Our good friends, the Weymillers, with their 3 kids, were in attendance for the party, passing through on their annual trek home from Sunriver to Buckley. And we had some late joiners that really wanted to just ride on Sunday. It was great!

The Weymillers: Andrea, Paul with Mary, Theo & Hannah in front.

Katrine has purple hair. Yikes!

I was sick of getting pictures with the boys: girl picture.

Sunday, everyone went their own directions. Some driving home, some off to hike, some to road ride, but the Butlers did what they love to do most of all: mountain bike. Lisa and Doug were the only ones to join us, but we had an amazing ride on one of our favorite loops that has been recently cleared, so our first time this season. An awesome weekend! And to think all of this fun started with a really bad hangover!

Tim, me, Doug & Lisa at Boulder Lake

I love riding my bike!

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