Monday, July 19, 2010

Another weekend in the 'Hood. July 17-18, 2010

Summer is glorious in Oregon. Weekends at the cabin are something to really look forward to. This weekend was no exception. It turned into a fun weekend with lots of friends, fresh fruit and riding! Saturday was a "Texas alpine start" as we like to call them. Tim and I ventured out on our road bikes, doing a shortened version of the red hill loop. It was perfect weather, views, etc. Not a bad day on the pavement.

Views of Adams were spectacular. You could see Ranier too.

Self-timer photo.

Such a great road to ride your bike.

Mt. Hood is always an awe inspiring sight.

Tim can hold the mountain in one hand.

Red Mountain in the background. Lot's of lava rocks.

Crossing the river the other direction. They were actually working and made us wait.

Then the party got started. For dinner we were up to 8 guests. Our friend Emily Ohlin, who I have known forever, but has never been to the cabin, friends from MN that we met bike racing over the years, Kyia and Anderson, friends and fellow bike racers, Chris and Brooke and then Patricia Down, on her way to Cascade with me from Montana. It was a table full of good food, laughter and then cherry eating contests. Everything has to be a competition.

Anderson, Kyia, Me and Tim. Cheers!

Post-dinner satisfaction.

Let the cherry eating wars begin. Tim beat P. Dowd in eating 10 cherries at one time. No one lost any fillings.

Sunday we split into two groups. The longer ride (Tim, Brooke & Chris), and the more mellow ride, (Me, Kyia, Anderson, Emily and Paul, who was leftover from Russ' party down the road). We did surveyors out and back from the powerlines, but only the singletrack. It was mellow, beautiful weather and great views.

Anderson, Kyia and me with Mt. Hood in the background on Surveyors Ridge.


StevenCX said...

Nice kit! :)

Kyia said...

Thanks for the great weekend Sue and Tim! We really enjoyed ourselves and your gang of friends!