Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunshine & Singletrack. Really.

Abysmal weather forecasts don't stop us from riding, they just make us pack more gear. Heading out on Friday to the cabin, things didn't look good. Cold and rainy was how we left Portland Friday and cold and rainy is how we returned on Sunday night. The in between story, however, was about sunshine and fantastic fun. Is it too good to be true?
Seriously, as we left on Friday, it was hailing and pouring rain most of the way to Hood River. Tim and I parked at the China Gorge and headed off on our TT bikes to pre-ride the Mt. Hood TT course. Yes, I have ridden that stretch of road a million times, but never on a TT bike. We overdressed, prepared for the hail and rain that we thought would eventually reach us, but we were treated to a couple of hours of sunshine and nice weather riding. Who would've thunk?
Most people bailed on us for a weekend of riding at the cabin due to the forecast. One braved the Butler plan for Saturday and a few more for Sunday. Saturday was a real treat. 30 miles, mostly singletrack, aside from Tim's exploratory ride, with sunshine, great views of Mt. Hood and the awesome conditions. Surveyors was in amazing shape.

I told you it was sunny. You don't get views like that on a cloudy day.

Crisp and clear with occasional clouds. On the far side of Surveyors!

Sunday we had a bit less sunshine, but dry. We did a loop from Tollgate Campground, climbing up Dog River, across Surveyors to Oakridge, which we had never ridden. Fun trail. Highlight may have been the HUGE bear tracks on the trail toward the end. Thankfully no bear in sight.
So, for all of you who suffered through the rain this past weekend, good on ya. We prefer to head east to the rain shadow and enjoy the empty trails on Mt. Hood. Shhhh! Don't tell anyone. We want to keep it a secret.

The boys on the way down Oakridge. Tim, Seth & Jeff.
Don't worry, Tim and I may be in the same outfits as Saturday, but I did do laundry. The view of Hood was not as spectacular as on Saturday. Bummer we forgot the camera on Saturday.

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Monique Anderson said...

Sue I build the website for Mt Hood Cycling Classic and wanted to let you know I added you as a featured rider. (Mostly because you kick butt!)

Good Luck this week!

Monique Anderson