Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Blah, Blah, Blog.

As a rule, I try not to post without pictures, but I don't want to let my faithful readers down. My weekend was uneventful, feeling a bit under the weather, unable to enjoy the new snow and get in some turns and really not able to ride. Yawn. You don't want to hear about it. So instead, I won't babble, but I thought this would be a good time to thank those that are continuing to support me for this mountain bike season. Other than the obvious, RIVER CITY BICYCLES, there are others that stuck around with the dissolution of the Monavie-Cannondale team.
First off, Wobblenaught. Tom Coleman was in town and got my bikes re-dialed in and shared some new technology that is down the pipeline. Pretty exciting stuff. Found out my seat was too low on my mtb. (hmmm? how did that happen?) and my cleats were a bit off on my new shoes (I did the best I could). I really think that the foundation starts with a good fit. His precision fit has served me well. But it is more than just the 'fit'. It is also training the brain. It is a constant struggle, but hopefully one that has endless benefits.
Secondly, NoTubes.com. Last year our team was sponsored by NoTubes.com and I loved my wheels. They were amazing. Light. Never had a problem sealing. I didn't want to be without. I sent an email asking if they would continue to support me, and they did. I am so grateful and will also be trying out their new road wheels. First on the road and then for 'cross as well. I feel lucky to be racing on these awesome wheels.
Third, Monavie. I am still on the juice. When I heard that it was final that there would be no team, I was thinking, WHAT ABOUT THE JUICE??? Luckily, they have stood behind me and are continuing to support me with the product that has kept me healthy for the past two years! Thank you Monavie.
Other good fortune that has come my way has been Pearl Izumi. I have been rocking their shoes and doing some testing and have dialed in my mountain bike and road shoes and love them. Thanks Tony Torrance! Locally, Karsten Hagen was kind enough to recognize that data in training is important to me and he sponsored me with a Garmin 500. I love it. Now I just need a wireless powermeter to go with it. Anyone??? I have also been lucky to be rockin' the best glasses in the industry, Oakley. I hope that continues, because I love my shades!
And of course, the BEST sponsor out there is my husband, Tim Butler. Not a day goes by that I don't realize how lucky I am to be chasing a dream and having such a supportive spouse. And since I said I never blog without pictures...


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