Thursday, March 25, 2010

The invasion from MN: Spring Break 2010. March 20 - 25

While I was 'preparing' for my first national mtb race, my brother and his kids came out to ski. Abi and Alec have been visiting at least once a year since our wedding. It is great to have them out. For the past couple of years, their week long summer visit turned into a spring break ski trip. Unfortunately for me, I end up leaving for Fontana the last weekend of their trip. And I usually have to squeeze in some training and not so much skiing.
This visit was great. I snuck in a few last ski days. Or hours. But there wasn't much sneaking going on, b/c my coach came with me. It was worked into the 'program'. Sometimes life has to take priority. My niece and nephew are pretty special and it was worth making a few turns with them. But now it is back to business. Off to Fontucky.

Abi and Alec arrive! Yahoo. And off to the cabin we go.

Monday we did some skiing. They went on Sunday to 'test' it out, but I went mountain biking with Uncle Timmy.

On the slopes... or back in the parking lot after a great day of skiing.

Do we look related?

On my 'rest day', Kendra was really busy working.

Full service coach. She even skis with me. And she is actually a pretty good skier. Wednesday was BEAUTIFUL!!! I skied a few hours, then rode my bike home. My coaches idea. So helpful. But It was a gorgeous ride back from the mountain. And it isn't all downhill. Trust me.

Paul, Abi and Alec mid-day when we left them to ski until close.

Hamming it up back in Portland with Uncle Tim on Wednesday night.

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chris said...

We call that Tim's "Play Ball" face.