Monday, February 8, 2010

A quick trip to Whistler: February 4-7, 2010

I am a bike racer. But before I was a bike racer, I was many things. One of those many things was an alpine skier. The beauty of having a longer 'off season' this year means I can dabble in my previous life. This weekend was a wonderful escape to my previous life. A sort of 'girls trip', skiing with three other amazing women that rip on skis. And 2 of them women that I used to ski more with in my previous life. 10 years later, not much has changed, except they all have kids, we all have hubands and we definitely don't stay out all night. Here's a little photo recap of this past weekend:

Day 1: Whistler. A pic of the girls. Forget the guys. :)

Pre-olympic madness. One of the torch bearers on the mountain.

Bagel bowl. Fresh tracks all day long. It was crazy. Our group skied it out.

Peak to Peak Gondola. Andrea and the glass bottom of the car.

Loving life.

Fun stuff.

Apres Ski, Kristin and I get "Mel the Sasquatch" hats from the Kokanee guy. Only in Canada.

Andrea and I waiting for the torch.

As it turns out, there are a lot of torches.

Night life in Whistler.

Day 2: Blackcomb. Bluebird skies.


Kristin and I enjoying the scenery and sun.

Ahhh. Spanky's ladder.

My favorite run. Long, sustained and steep.

Peak to Peak on a clear day.

Andrea and our new friend Larry the Mountainhost on our last run of our trip.
See Larry. I told you I would put you on the blog. Even if you did call us 'girlies'.

The crew: Andrea Weymiller, Kira and Tim Marchant, Kristin Ingram, Nikki & Hans Lundin, Me, & Tom Pace.
Poor Tim and Paul had to stay home. Sorry guys.

And then a quick trip back to Seattle to touch base with Pam and family!


larry said...

Hi Sue
I can't believe you posted our pic on your blog.It was a real pleasure to meet and exchange stories and information with two experienced skiers.Come back again and my wife and I will show you a few more trails.I would love to hook up for a ride when the roads clear. I am the proud owner of a new road bike as of yesterday.
Cheers Larry

Sue said...

Hey Larry,
shoot me an email at that way I can contact you when up there again. Also, if ever in pdx, let me know. Lot's of good riding here. Road bike, eh? What did you buy???