Sunday, August 23, 2009

This may have been the best weekend of summer yet!

With the days of summer dwindling, Tim and I decided to change it up a bit. Yes, we love going to the cabin, but we hadn't been to McKenzie River in a few years. And with the transition season between mountain bike and cyclocross, I can enjoy some fun loving! We were definitely roughing it. Cooking with charcoal and all. We had intentions to camp, but somehow we landed at the Cedarwood Lodge cabins. One mile from the lower McKenzie River Trail trailhead.
Tim shows his excellent charcoal bbq-ing skills Friday night after our arrival.

Saturday we were going all the way up, around the lake, and back down. One small problem was our "Texas alpine start." But we did make it home before dark. Well, sort of. It was a long excursion, with lots of picture taking, great riding, burgers at Clear Lake. Seriously, I was smiling ear to ear for most of the day! It was hard not to.

Tim crossing one of the many bridges over the tributaries to the McKenzie River.

The waterfall towards the top.

The trail on the east side of Clear Lake.

After a burger break, we were ready for another 26+ miles. The fun direction!

The blue pool.

It's not dark yet...

We finished just in the nick of time. We had about a 1.5 mile ride back to the cabin, but the smile never really left my face the whole day.

And even before showering, post-ride beers are mandatory.

Sunday we opted for an exploration ride on our cyclocross bikes up FR1993. It was a bit more than I bargained for, with a climb out of the gate, climbing 3500 feet in 9 miles. After over 60 miles of mountain biking the day before, I had to remember to smile a few times. But the views were spectacular and my attitude was good. Thankfully we cut the ride 'short' and only rode for about 4 hours. 46 miles with 6500 feet of climbing and lot's of slow gravel road descending. On the map, it really didn't look that long. After Tim flatted and we realized we didn't have a patch kit or another tube that had a long enough stem, we got a little nervous, being that we didn't see a moving car all day and it was a long way home. But we made it and cold beer was waiting at the car. Ahhh, life is good.

The 3 sisters.

Love those self-timer photos.

Tim taking a snack break with Mt. Bachelor in background.

Cougar Reservoir was beautiful and remote. We had to nix the ride around it. Not enough time.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Fun Lovin' at the cabin!

A much quieter weekend at the cabin with only Tim, Willy and I. It was almost too quiet compared to the weekend before. We did survive. I experienced no guilt from not being on the east coast racing in the heat and humidity, but instead did my first long ride on my cx bike on some of our favorite back roads. Then a fabulous mountain bike ride! Ahhh, life is good. How did I get so lucky???

Let the 'cross season begin!

OK, there is still GREAT mountain biking to do.

Love 15 mile! Esp. after the grueling climb out is almost over!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

RAMHOOD weekend!

Most of the RAMHOOD crew @ the Butler Cabin

My weekend didn't start exactly as I would have liked it. Especially one that we were going to ride a ton and have lots of guests at the cabin. Friday morning I went for an early ride with Melissa and thought I would have a quick snack before I went grocery shopping. That attempt landed me in the emergency room for 2 hours. I used my new cheese knife my mother in law sent me and found out it was a really good one. It was super sharp. Kendra was kind enough to come and get me as I was laying on the floor with my arm up trying not to pass out. (I don't do well with blood). In fact, the Dr. that put a few stitches in the severed tip of my 4th finger on my left hand told me I was rather pathetic, as I cried and almost threw up several times, considering what I do for a 'living.' It's true, I am totally a baby when it comes to blood and cuts. That is why I prefer not to crash. I can't handle the aftermath.
Well, I survived. I was sent home with 3 stitches and a very sore tip of my finger. I was still sick every time I thought about it. But I managed to make dinner at the cabin one handed, shying away from cutting anything and asking for help. And the next day the fun began...
The 3RD ANNUAL RAMHOOD took place on Saturday. We had some new faces. The weather was perfectly cool and the 95 miles and 9100 feet of climbing was enjoyed by all. It was a nice leisurely pace, but eventually everyone had to ride their own pace and make their way back to the cabin for the feast of feasts. A good ride is always followed by a good meal and Saturday night was no exception. Except too many people left before we ate and we all had to eat extra to make up for it. But heck, Brad Ross came, and that guy can eat. :)
One of the many stops to regroup.

Tim finds a snack @ the Mt. Hood Grocery in Rhodi.

This year we were treated to many views of Mt. Hood.

Post ride treats: Vegetarians eating ribs. I guess when you are in rome...

We celebrated Russ' birthday in style.

Sunday we got a late start and had about 14-15 people for a hearty pancake breakfast and then some opted for shuttle ride while we went and rode some sweet singletrack, up and down.
There is really nothing better than good friends, good food and good fun at the cabin. My finger survived. I won't say it didn't hurt at times, b/c it did, but somehow it doesn't hurt as much when riding dirt and descending down some of my favorite trails!
Maia joined us for pancakes on Sunday.

Anna, me and my finger, & Uwe

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Am I really that old???

I just returned to a quick trip back to MN. The main event: my 20 year H.S. class reunion. It is crazy that I have been out of high school 20 years already. It was a great opportunity to see my family, see friends and reconnect with others I have not seen since my 10 year reunion or longer. It was quite a treat to have moderate temperatures, no mosquitoes and a pretty cool lightning storm. Granted, rushing off from Kamloops made it a lesson in carrying on conversations seriously sleep deprived, drinking way too much, then staying out until after 2 a.m. It was hard work. Whew, I guess I am that old!

Victor, me, Jenny & Liz.

The gang: Traci, Liz, Lisa & I.

Liz, Heather, me & Tracey

A great barn party!!!

And what party would be complete without a bonfire???

Family time on the farm. I got to scare Tim on the 4-wheeler.

Abi & Alec had to head off to camp.

My sister Cathy & I.
Tim and my brother Lance, who he affectionately refers to as "Big Smoothy".

My older brother Paul and I.

My nephew Musa is enjoying tractor time with Uncle Lance.

I went to visit my Grandma in Minneapolis for a day.

I picked a ton of rasberries. Organic rasberries just a walk away from the house. Nice.

Why not do some target practice with my brothers? I suck.

Nikolas about to head home in his sweet ride.