Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend: race free & fun with friends!

Me, Evie, Pam, Seth, Kirin & Tim.

It was not because the weekend was not exciting that I did not blog, but a busy week following a glorious weekend at the cabin made it get further down the list. Memorial day weekend was a great weekend to enjoy time at the cabin, fresh mountain air and good friends. Pam and Seth came down from Seattle with their kids for 4 days and Kris & Maia graced us with their presence one night. It was lots of riding bikes, bbq-ing and hanging out. Wine and beer were plentiful. Life at the cabin is good!!!
Family fun on the newly moved sky chair!

Saturday's ride was a long road adventure with great views and occassional gravel sections.

Sunday, Tim's navigation led us to a not so rideable 45 minutes of bushwacking through a drainage ditch. Luckily it was nice weather. Exploratory rides aren't so bad then.

We did find our way to real roads.

and some still covered with snow.

Tim and his little budy Maia attending to the grilling.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When you can't play in the dirt... road racing will have to do: Silverton Road Race, May 17, 2009

The weather couldn't have been more beautiful in Portland this past weekend. A little teaser of summer. Although dirt is usually on our minds, we decided on a roadie kind of weekend. Tim really wanted to do Silverton and then I was given the choice: Hard hill intervals alone or race. Hmmmm? Not a hard one. The race was basically hard hill intervals with a bunch of other gals. You can read about my race at Oregon Cycling Action, but it was Tim's race that was the incredible feat of the weekend. Unfortunately I raced at 9 a.m. and he raced at 1:20 p.m. so we saw eachother in passing. But Tim called me after his race and somehow he broke away with one lap to go (17.5 mile laps). It was windy, hilly and near impossible to get away, except for him. I now refer to him as Stijn deTimmy at our house! So a victorious weekend for the Butlers, both winning our first road races ever (not counting Mt. Tabor). I can almost say it was 'fun', because the course was in a beautiful area, the weather was great, good company and the hills were fun! I got my intervals in and now I am ready to hit some dirt this weekend. Hopefully the snow is melting fast, because I am anxious for some singletrack!!!

Stijn deTimmy in his full white kit, all alone, up the road, cruising to victory.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mountain biking bliss: Cascade Chainbreaker, Bend, OR 5/10/09

Tim and I headed east this past weekend to one of our favorite races: Cascade Chainbreaker. In 2003 we took our first trip to Bend together for this race and 6 years later, we actually know what we are doing. This year it was combined with a local function set up by a Monavie distributor in Sisters. Saturday night I went over there to talk about my career, training and nutrition. It is kind of strange to be the 'star' of the show. Sunday I was in much more familiar territory, on my bike, racing in the dirt. Weather was great, amazing turnout and a fun course. Winning was not so bad either. Just another weekend in the Butler life, racing bikes, hanging out with friends and having fun. Tim got second by a 1/2 an inch. Literally pipped at the line. But he is still the fastest in my books!!!
The fastest guy is on the left! Dont' let the second step fool you.

Hanging out with friends.

View from Aspen Lakes Lodge, where I spoke Saturday night.

Monday, May 4, 2009

We have an Oregon State Champion in our family... 5/04/09

...but it isn't me!!! Yesterday Tim and I went to play in the mud at the Mudslinger. I had missed it last year, but I was back to sling. I didn't sling so fast, however. Alice Pennington ripped my legs off on the fireroad climbs and then descended recklessly through the slip-slide mud, leaving me chasing, but to no avail. I couldn't go fast enough up or down. And the slippery mud had my alter-ego reminding me not to crash and if I was going to crash, crashing at high speeds would hurt more. Plus, water bars are my nemesis. (can we please have those removed next year??? just kidding) I was definitely a bit of a sissy yesterday in that slippery mud. But you win some and you lose some. I guess I need to ride my mtb in the slippery mud more. Apparently Tim was not scared at all. He CRUSHED it! He was on fire and had a sub two hour time and took away the Oregon State Championship in the Men 35-44 by over two minutes! I am so proud. And he was pretty stoked too! Nice job Tim! Racing in Oregon is too much fun!!! And I get another weekend of it next weekend. Stay tuned...