Monday, November 2, 2009

Home Sweet Home (sort of). Cross Crusade Halloween Weekend in Astoria.

The RCB crew. Where the heck is Dani Dance is what I want to know???

It would figure that the one double weekend of racing I have at home, I get a cold. Returning from KY, I was plagued by a nasty cold and it kept me down for the week. I had just had my mid-season rest, so I wanted to ride and train, but nope. Just rest and recover. With the weekend approaching, I was feeling better, and we were off to Astoria for the best weekend of racing yet this year: Halloween. I begged my coach for a pass to race. I was denied on Saturday, but Sunday, without knowing it, I got the green light. (I was going to at least pedal around the course in my costume if she said I couldn't race.)I think attending and/or participating in a Halloween Cross Crusade race should be on everyone's list of things to do. It is absolute craziness. Our regular races are fun and somewhat crazy, but for Halloween it goes off! I have missed the Halloween races the past 2 years for USGP in KY, but this year it fell on a weekend I could be home. I had bough a costume in September, so I was ready!
Saturday was tame, since Sunday was chosen as the big day due to more people being able to make it out to the coast. I sat in the pit on Saturday for Tim and Wendy and actually had to work a bit. Muddy, slippery conditions that looked so fun made me wish I was out there. But my bikes were clean on the car. Dinner with friends at the Rogue on Saturday post race made it a fun day, even without racing.

Is that George Hincapie? Nope, Tim Butler on Saturday dressed up as George.

BIG dinner party @ Rogue.

Sunday we enjoyed our extra hour of sleep, Wendy and I took a nice a.m. spin over the bridge to Warrenton . It was foggy and beautiful out. Then it was off to the races. The course was a blast. The energy was amazing and it was a really fun day. Sunshine and nice temperatures made the day even more enjoyable and crazy. Human barriers that moved around the course. Coffin barriers that were different every lap. Slick corners into the barns we went in and out of. Muddy descents, some fun side hill. It really had it all. Plus hundreds of cheering, drunk fans. What more could you want??? Happy Halloween. I hope everyone had a safe scary holiday. And now off to France.

Foggy morning on the coast.

Tim and I all ready to go.

A small slice of the craziness.

I think I prefer skinsuits.

Check out that rack.

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KDo said...

OMG Tim is HOT in that Hooters kit. love the moose knuckle. HAHA :)