Wednesday, November 11, 2009

France for the weekend? Nommay World Cup, Sunday, November 8, 2009

A quick flight to Zurich, followed by a less than 2 hour drive and yep, I was in France for the weekend. It made sense when I planned my season to pop over to Europe prior the the New Jersey USGP. It was cost effective (relative to going to Treviso) and I figured the jet lag wouldn't be so bad coming back if I made a stop. Going over, it was rough as usual. I arrived on Thursday a.m. and wanted to go to sleep more than anything. Fresh air and a beautiful bike ride made it a bit more tolerable. Friday I had another amazing ride on the euro-velo path near the canal of the Rhine, keeping me busy for part of the day. I can not lie, I may have napped too.

The bicycle highway just a quick hop from the hotel.

And the Euro Velo bike paths. They go everywhere.
Saturday was a bit more social, with the action starting at the course with everyone pre-riding. Katie and Mark had arrived and now dinner was not so lonely. It was good to have company. Race day was Sunday and it was cold, but dry. We still had a bit of mud from the rain the day prior, but it was nothing like last year. For a full report, you can check:
To sum it up, it went well and although I was in a group fighting for 11th and I lost the fight and ended up 17th. Not horrible. A good race and Katie crushed it, so we at least had reason to celebrate!

Monday I headed to Zurich, hung out with a friend of a friend, found my over-priced cheap hotel room and then headed back to the other side of the pond, gearing up for the next set of races this weekend.
I will post pics as soon as I can get my computer to connected to the internet. Not my best post, but the jet lag is killing me! :)

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Cyclo cross racing in EU is a different stupid. You did great!