Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Whirlwind CX: Vegas & USGP 1&2 in Madison, WI

A big week of CX racing. 5 races in 9 days. After the Seattle weekend, I packed my bags and bikes for Vegas and Madison via MN. A week on the road with different weather. Vegas was a quick in and out, hanging out with Coach K and Melissa, an evening race and a quick visit to Interbike. Then off to MN to drive to Madison.
Cross Vegas went o.k. This is not my favorite race, as it is so dry and hot and hard. I managed to hold my own, but did not improve my finish from last year. I was stuck in 6th. I tried to claw my way to the top 5, but Mary was too quick and my legs just said 'no'. But a clean race this year and I did not have to chase back into 6th. I was just kind of there. Georgia flew by me and I could not hold her wheel and then Kelli was on fire. As much as I hate it, I keep going back. I was happy to get out of Vegas and head to the midwest.

Cross Vegas

Coach K: she makes me fast.

Post racing fun: Amy D & Tony T.

I arrived in MN on Thursday evening and was anticipating driving to Madison early on Friday, but my bikes had a different idea. They went to Omaha, then had to go back to Denver to find their way to Minneapolis. So a slight delay, but we made it to Madison in time for the number presentation gathering. Madison was fun. It is a cool town, made even cooler by staying with a good college friend I had not seen since I visited her in Paris. Crazy that racing cx gets me to places I wouldn't usually get to so I can see friends.

College pals: Karine Saylor Sloan & Meghan Hoffman

Our gracious hosts: Karine & Tom

Tim's new best friend, Mattie (Karine & Tom's eldest daughter)

The familiar USGP signage.

As far as the races go, the weather stayed dry, thus the races were super fast. The course was twisty and fun on both days. Saturday I had an appalling start, missing my pedal and having to work a bit hard to get back on the train. I got there, but ended up in a group fighting for 4th. I made my way to the front with 2 to go and pulled them around. Amy D. made a fierce and very smart attack on the last straight away and got in front of us, thus taking 4th and then Sydor and her mad skills rode the stairs on the run up and snuck around too and I could not close it down. My tired legs did not like running on Saturday.
I worked so hard, just to get passed.

Sunday I fared better. Great start, taking the hole shot and the course only had a set of barriers for me to screw up, so I was able to ride clean. I led a half lap until the inevitable happened and Katie and Katerina went around, along with Georgia and Sydor. I reeled her back in only to have her sit on me for a few laps. I knew she would attempt to get around, so I attacked out of every corner with every last little bit of attack my legs had. I tried to close to 3rd, but Georgia was far enough ahead, there was no chance without help. So, I sprinted it out for 4th and took it, despite my pedal coming out when I stood up to sprint. I scared myself but a very satisfying finish.
A good place to be.

There was no shaking Sydor off my wheel.

My parents came to watch. Mom enjoying the men's race.

Midwest family and friends.

We drove back to MN in the windy, rainy evening after dropping Tim off at the Madison airport. Monday I took Kari Studley, my travel partner, on a little 'neighborhood' spin on the backroads near Prairie Island. Then to see my grandma, my sister and nephew and then my brother and his puppies. A bonus visit back home.
My nephew and his new birthday shirt I bought him. Jeans to go with too.

And the puppy that almost made it into my luggage...

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yauh said...

Hi Sue,
I met you at Intermontane. Somehow I found your blog and have been following your weekend adventures. If you ever come up to Calgary look me up. I'll find some fast guys and girls to hammer with you.
Henry Yau