Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A weekend in da 'Hood.

Being home for weekends is delightful (and somehow quite rare), especially when spent at the cabin with friends. This past weekend was quite a treat, with a Friday night visit from friends passing through enroute to Sunriver. Lots of laughs and Tim had his hands full with Hannah and Theo, his new best friends. They are 5. Funny how they love Tim. Does that mean he acts like he is 5? Andrea & Paul Weymiller were heading to a weeks vacation and with 3 kids, splitting up the drive and hanging with us was a great option.
Morning fun on the deck. Mary, Theo & Hannah.

Andrea & Paul Weymiller & Tim & I.

When one group of friends leave, another arrives. Erin Ford came up early to join us for our mtb adventure. I was anxious to ride some of our favorite trails all in one day. Perhaps a bit too anxious. The first 2.5 hours were pretty awesome. But then the tree & snow adventure started. Note: upper Boulder Lakes and Gunsight Ridge are not clear. Neither is Gumjuwac. Oh well, now we know. It took another 2.5 hours to find our way back to the car. Oops.

Timmy when we still were riding. Prior to crabby pants.

Still smiling down at the bottom of Boulder Lakes.

One of my favorite spots. Erin on the log.

Taking a break from hiking our bikes.

When we returned to the cabin, more friends had arrived. Erin O'Connell, Kendra and Melissa. Tim was a bit outnumbered, but he certainly didn't seem to mind. He played grill man and we all pitched in, making a fabulous meal. O'Malley brought up some amazing fish Treb had caught and it was quite a feast. Like most weekends at the cabin, we ate well. Saturday concluded with the girls watching a moving and Tim watching his bike race dvd's. Will he ever get sick of them???
Sunday morning, the whole crew headed out to trails we knew were clear. We even got Coach K and Melissa out on mountain bikes on Sunday!

Fun stuff. I even convinced Tim to let me stay until Monday at the cabin with Kendra and Melissa, so an extra movie night. Only to return Monday for the fun of Short Track racing out at PIR. I really love summer!!!

Not sure why I look so serious??? Maybe I was trying to navigate, keeping the red cones to my right.

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Jeff said...

Sure looks fun, looking forward to next year already!