Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mid-week BLISS!

All in a days work! This week I had to get some long rides in, and for 2 of them, I managed to find company to join me on some of my favorite trails! I love riding my mountain bike. Especially on Mt. Hood singletrack when it is in primo condition! It makes me not want to leave and just ride and ride and ride! And the HIGHLIGHT of the day today was seeing a BLACK BEAR!!! Yep, it was right on the side of the trail, ran about 10 meters away, turned, looked at me, I hesitated, then put my bike between me and the bear and started making some noise. He bolted. By the time Erin got up the trail, he (or she) was long gone. WHEW! So exhilarating. My first time seeing a bear while biking on trails in Oregon! Kind of cool!!! Needless to say, I forgot to reach in my pocket for my camera. But I did take a few pictures the past 2 days.

Arghhh. Trail 450 to 15 mile wasn't quite clear.

We saw a lot of this. Such a bummer, but the forest service is doing a GREAT job & have a lot of the best trails clear already! I just assumed this one would be since 15-mile is. My bad.

Speaking of the Forest Service and one of the greatest trail clearers of all time...

I'm tight with our Forest Service Rangers. OK, Paul Gundlach is a good friend. It was awesome to see him on the trail. I told him to ditch his hoe and ride with us. He is too dedicated. Don't forget to thank these guys when you see them. They do a TON of work so we can ride great trails.

And when they are clear, they are GREAT!

Thursday Erin Ford and I did the epic Dog River/Surveyors out and back. It never gets old. Lots of climbing, lots of miles. 4.5 hours in the saddle. Life is good!!!

The mandatory photo spot. Tested a new hydration system the past 2 days. It is called the VelEau. Pretty cool. You can stay hydrated sans camelback! Nice.


Cass Perkins said...

Ohhh boyyy! Since when do you need a colostomy bag? You really shouldn't ride that much that you can't control your bladder. It's not healty!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sue

Hey I'm a big fan here...but gotta say that all riders (including pros) should get out and do at least one full day of trail maintenance a year. The forest service doesn't have the manpower or dollars these days to maintain all the trails. It's up to all of us to keep the trails clear and in good


Anonymous said...

Or at least carry a foldable saw in your back pocket and cut a couple small logs/branches out of the way on some of your rides...right? right...


Sue Butler said...

Hey Matt!
I totally agree. I try to participate in at least one trail day per year. Usually the 'official' IMBA day. I missed it this year, unfortunately. I wish I could do more, but my schedule has not allowed it. I figure after all this racing, I will have more time to pay back the times I couldn't help. I am a big advocate of helping and I do my part when riding by being a responsible user and moving things that I can w/o saws or equipment.
Thanks for your post.

MJG said...

Michael (Gallagher) and I (Jessica) are moving back to Portland in July and August. The last picture with Hood in the background gets me REALLY excited for the return. We will both race cross in the fall. I started last fall and upgraded to Cat 2, so I will be doing the chasing instead of being chased. Fun times!