Monday, June 1, 2009

Bump & Grind in 'bama: May 30-31, 2009

photo by Dave McElwaine

A couple of words to describe the south: hot and humid.I knew it would be! I decided to travel to Birmingham Alabama for the Bump and Grind mtb race, because I had never been to Alabama, or at least that I can remember. It is quite nice. Very green, rolling hills, hot and humid. Reminds me a bit of MN. The trails were fun, the people nice and it was a successful trip.
I flew down on Friday and arrived way too late and then Saturday I decided to ride to the course. In the first 2 miles, I saw about 8 churches and 2 snakes. One was dead and one was very much NOT dead. I screamed. The course was great. I was adopted for the weekend by the Kona team, so it was nice to have a home. Thanks to Dusty for all his help!!!
Sunday was race day and I was scared. I was feeling better, but I had no real gauge on how it would go, but I knew I could just race the best I could and remember to hydrate well and stay cool. Having the course mostly in the shade in wooded singletrack helped immensely. The almost 90 degree weather felt tolerable. I am staring to get better in the heat. I had a good start and continued to race hard. I missed my bottle feed on the 3rd lap. Mark Legg was kind enough to feed me and he had the bottle there, I was just so focused and concentrated that I simply forgot. How can you forget your feed? I won't do it again. It was too hot to be without water, but I had a lot to look forward to at the end of that lap.
I had a good race. In fact, I pedaled my way to my first top 10, finishing in 8th. Yes, there is still room for improvement and I am working towards that podium. I did it in CX and now it is the endless goal to get there for MTB. And I will. It is just taking a while.
Finished off my stay with some good BBQ in honor of Tim. He would have been proud. I ordered ribs! And beef brisket. Who am I??? And now on my way home...


StevenCX said...

Saw you on Race looked like a who's who of cyclocrossers!

Kronda said...

Congrats on winning stage 3 at MHCC!

You and Edwige show those under 30 girls how it's done. :)

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