Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When you can't play in the dirt... road racing will have to do: Silverton Road Race, May 17, 2009

The weather couldn't have been more beautiful in Portland this past weekend. A little teaser of summer. Although dirt is usually on our minds, we decided on a roadie kind of weekend. Tim really wanted to do Silverton and then I was given the choice: Hard hill intervals alone or race. Hmmmm? Not a hard one. The race was basically hard hill intervals with a bunch of other gals. You can read about my race at Oregon Cycling Action, but it was Tim's race that was the incredible feat of the weekend. Unfortunately I raced at 9 a.m. and he raced at 1:20 p.m. so we saw eachother in passing. But Tim called me after his race and somehow he broke away with one lap to go (17.5 mile laps). It was windy, hilly and near impossible to get away, except for him. I now refer to him as Stijn deTimmy at our house! So a victorious weekend for the Butlers, both winning our first road races ever (not counting Mt. Tabor). I can almost say it was 'fun', because the course was in a beautiful area, the weather was great, good company and the hills were fun! I got my intervals in and now I am ready to hit some dirt this weekend. Hopefully the snow is melting fast, because I am anxious for some singletrack!!!

Stijn deTimmy in his full white kit, all alone, up the road, cruising to victory.


Anonymous said...

Great road wins for both of you! That's a rough course, and to win a sprint and a breakaway.

That's some more good reading while I was stuck off the bike...

I bet i'll see Tim out at Short track in a couple weeks?

-Jon Long

Anonymous said...

White shoes please.