Monday, May 4, 2009

We have an Oregon State Champion in our family... 5/04/09

...but it isn't me!!! Yesterday Tim and I went to play in the mud at the Mudslinger. I had missed it last year, but I was back to sling. I didn't sling so fast, however. Alice Pennington ripped my legs off on the fireroad climbs and then descended recklessly through the slip-slide mud, leaving me chasing, but to no avail. I couldn't go fast enough up or down. And the slippery mud had my alter-ego reminding me not to crash and if I was going to crash, crashing at high speeds would hurt more. Plus, water bars are my nemesis. (can we please have those removed next year??? just kidding) I was definitely a bit of a sissy yesterday in that slippery mud. But you win some and you lose some. I guess I need to ride my mtb in the slippery mud more. Apparently Tim was not scared at all. He CRUSHED it! He was on fire and had a sub two hour time and took away the Oregon State Championship in the Men 35-44 by over two minutes! I am so proud. And he was pretty stoked too! Nice job Tim! Racing in Oregon is too much fun!!! And I get another weekend of it next weekend. Stay tuned...

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chris said...

Nice job Meat-Bo. I would have expected a little more brag'in from you on the big win. You definitely had the stubbies working on the 4th.

Yeah! I'll have to let Grant know. He'll be excited.