Sunday, April 12, 2009

The rain shadow DOES exist!

The market was closed on Friday, so Tim and I headed to the cabin equipped with mountain bikes, cx bikes and gear for inclement weather because the forecast was not great. We had a huge upside surprise on Friday and Saturday with sunny weather and warmer than expected temperatures. Although it rained a bit on Sunday, it was still not cold and fairly pleasant. Friday we took a cx ride with our friend Tre. Tim and I did the bonus loop and checked out some new gravel roads. Tim likes to call this his "exploratory rides". Good fun. Saturday and Sunday were spent on fat tires over by the Syncline. Saturday looping Syncline over to Hospital hill and back and then Sunday a shorter abbreviated loop. Over 16,000 feet of climbing later, I am still smiling. What a great weekend!
Tre came out an played for a while. I'm way overdressed for the weather.

The views were spectacular

Mt. Adams was hiding from us Friday

Mountain biking on Saturday

It's hard to get sick of this view! From the top ridge between Hospital Hill & Syncline.

Even Sunday it wasn't really 'raining'.

Rockin' the coyote trail

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