Tuesday, March 31, 2009

US PRO XCT #1: Fontana: The pain and suffering is over!

The inevitable has begun. My third mtb season as a 'pro'. It came too soon, as I knew it would, but it was great to be on the fat tires. My skills definitely need some work. As does my climbing. As does my endurance. As does my... you get the picture! But I suffered through it with a smile, finishing in a miserable 18th. At least for Super D the day prior I managed a podium finish. And the greatest part of it all was my youngest fan was there cheering me on. I got to spend some more time with my little buddy Calvin and his parents, Gina and Hal. And then on to training camp... To work on those things that needed work.

Super D podium

Calvin & I post race.

And then on to team training camp...

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Jonathan said...

podium already, nice!