Sunday, January 11, 2009

What do bike racers do when they aren't racing?

A weekend without a race? And a day off from training? What the heck do you do? This bike racer went and picked up another bike racer and played tourist for a day. A day trip to Antwerp.

Dude, could you take our picture? Uh, nice try. Thanks anyways.
Some festival in the main square. Couldn't figure out exactly what was going on. A lot of drinking, for sure.

Wendy taking pictures of the Cathedral.

It was another magnificent church in Europe.

A Rubens museum, almost. Lots to see.

Then it was time to get serious and get some grub and watch the Belgian Cyclocross National Championships.
Once a bike racer, always a bike racer. Priorities, eh?
Then it was time to get even more serious. Wendy takes her pralines VERY serious.
And all the shops seemed to be closed. Looking does NOT fulfill the need!

Is it REALLY closed on Sunday???

Whew! Not one, but three smaller chocolate shops were open.
We bought pralines from every one. Wendy calls this a 'taste test'. I can learn things from this seasoned chocoholic.

Festival is over. Time for self timer photo fun.

A ferris wheel. At sunset. How romantic. Well, maybe not, but we still couldn't resist.

Great views.

And more self timer photo fun. The end.

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Caroline said...

You're so great - thanks for keeping up with this! In Denver this week for work and heading to A Basin on Saturday for riding! Wahoo!! When do you return Stateside??