Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

I have gotten behind on my updates! I guess time flies when you are having fun! Tim & I ended our 2008 with a nice casual ride led by Jan. Tim had wanted to climb the Muur and the Bosberg, the two last climbs of the Tour of Flanders. He is a fanatic about the one day classics, so for him, there was no better way to end a great year. I'm not sure it was the best 'recovery ride' for me, but heck, you only live once.
Jan & Tim on the path by the river.

The Muur is hard not to find.

We definitely didn't race up, but Tim went down and rode it again, just for fun.

The chapel at the top of the Kapelmuur.

More fun.

Watching what we had ridden earlier in the day. Pajama-thirty!

Although our new years eve was not that exciting (Tim passed out shortly after 10), we got up early and headed to Luxemburg for the 62nd edition of the Hotel 3 Land race in Pentange. Although last year I found myself on the podium with the former world champion, increased numbers and not so good climbing legs landed me in a 6th place position this year. It was a lot less muddy this year, but equally as slippy from frozen corners and with brakes & gears getting just muddy enough to not work too well! Lot's of fun singletrack. Georgia killed it, putting the hurt on the rest of the field. I never saw her, just heard her name over the loudspeaker as I was descending.
So, right after arriving home, we hadn't partied for new years, so we were invited to the 'hang over party' down the street, hosted by friends of Jan and Patricia. We found ourselves in good english speaking company, because the more they drink, the better the english becomes! It was fun, but Tim was racing the next day, so 11 p.m. was our curfew.
Yesterday was busy. Up early, off to Sint-Niklaas for Tim's last race. Aside from me breaking a seat clamp, it was quite unstressful and Tim had fun. Unfortunately, he was put in the very back of the whole masters field and with a singletrack course, it was hard to pass. I think he worked his way up to the top 15, but with lapped riders and 3 different categories in the mix, it was hard to count. At any rate, he had a blast and I worked hard in the pit, cheering him on.
In the back of 45-50 riders. Plus the younger masters ahead of him. Can you say traffic jam???

Lot's of side camber sections by the lake.

We rushed home to change clothes, get back on our bikes and head to a birthday ride for Jan. It was cold, but this is Belgium. We are tough. A nice leisurely 2 hour ride and then on to the real work: drinking amazing beer & eating. It was a nice way to send off Tim and celebrate Jan's birthday.

We were home way past our bedtime and then up early today to see Tim off! Yes, today is a sad day, because Tim is on his way home. But it was a great trip and only a month until I will be on my way home! It's really not so bad.

This is not a happy photo!

Happy 2009 everyone!!! Thanks for reading and coming along on my adventures!

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