Sunday, March 23, 2008

Blah, blah, blog...

So, I haven't been too motivated to blog lately, or perhaps I have been too busy, but there hasn't been that much exciting stuff to blog about. No offense, but the Banana Belt race is not exciting. It is road racing. I did do another one and we did spend another weekend in Portland (March 15-16th).
FINALLY we headed out to the cabin for a FUN weekend. The plan was to downhill ski for the final time at MHM on Friday. Tim had the day off, so I was psyched to be on the snow and make some turns. Well, it didn't quite turn out that way. Someone (I won't mention any names: TIM) overslept and overslept and overslept and when I told him it was 30-40 mph winds with gusts up to 50, he slept some more. But there was new snow and the wind would only mean it would be fresh tracks every run, right? Oh well. Coach K really didn't want me to ski anyhow. It's a knee thing. So instead, after a very late start, we cruised down to Parkdale on our cross bikes in pelting hail. It didn't last long (the hail or the ride) and it was actually pretty darn warm and sunny for the easy climb back to the cabin. The weekend was all about mountain biking. Saturday was GORGEOUS and Sunday, well, not so much. To put it in perspective, there were over 30 cars at the Syncline parking lot on Saturday and only 3 on Sunday. We did a really long ride on Saturday, looping around the Coyote trail both up and down along with a trip down Hidden and 'Little Moab'/Rock Garden. The group kept getting smaller until it was only Tim and I for the last loop up and around. We just couldn't get enough. Sunday we actually made it over to Hospital Hill w/ Spencer. I hadn't been over there for years. Lots of new fun trails.

Yep, new snow on the side of the road for our ride on Friday. Skiing would have been a lot more fun in fresh snow. At one point it really did sleet/hail, and going downhill, it was cold. Silly.
Taking off layers for the way up.
Not forging that stream any time soon. Will the RAMHOOD be possible in July?
Saturdays crew: Emily, Tre, Tim & John
On the last loop on Saturday, apparently I wasn't climbing fast enough for Timmy. He had to take a little nap. See Mt. Hood in the background.

Cool trail on Hospital Hill side I have never ridden. A bit slick with the rain, but fun. Love those trees.

Yep, it was a muddy ride.

Friday, March 14, 2008

What do you do on your Thursday evenings?

It all started with a post on OBRA from Rhonda Mazza looking for a volunteer to sub for her volunteer job while she was pregnant. I figured I had an evening a week to donate, so aside from when I am traveling, here is how I spend MY thursday evenings. At the Boys and Girls Club in Sellwood with Joe Marek, the 'founder' of the thursday night bike rides!

Joe adjusting a helmet, which is, of course, required on our ride.
And there off... Joe leading the group through the streets of SE. They practice their traffic signs prior to leaving. I don't see many right hand turn signals. Or stop. And is that really a single file line??? We have some work to do.
With longer days, we are back at Sellwood park. So much sass in these girls.
Different kids every week, but a lot of 'repeat customers.'

Monday, March 10, 2008

A weekend in PDX. Unheard of??? March 8-9, 2008

I wish I had amazing adventures to share, but really, it was a pretty basic weekend. Friday night Tim and I actually strolled up Burnside and found a new restaurant close to the condo. East Burn is it's name. Not too creative, but pretty good. Saturday we took a long-ish road ride with Melissa out towards the south and east of Portland. My favorite part, the Canby Ferry. I love that thing.
Tim & Melissa waiting for the ferry.
Tim & I on the ferry.

Sunday was the excitement of my first road race of the season. My first time getting my heart rate out of the 'endurance zone'. I can not lie. It hurt a little, but partially of my own doing. Making attacks and just trying to get a good workout. The finish didn't turn out real good for me, but I wasn't there to win, I was there to get a workout, and that I did! Banana Belt # 2 is under the belt. Only 3 weeks until real racing begins...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Say it isn't so... Leap year weekend! February 29th - March 3rd.

It is crazy to think that this may have been my last full weekend at the cabin for a while. Yep, it is that time of year when bike racing takes over my life. Before I know it I will be traveling the globe in search of pain and suffering. But I have some good news to share on the racing front, but not quite yet... Stay tuned for that.
The weekend turned out to be extremely varied in activity and weather. Saturday alone on our mountain bike ride we had sun, extreme wind, rain, and clouds. Seemed like we were on the edge of a system that kept us on our toes and stopping and starting to take on and off the rain jacket. But Saturday was also Tim's birthday and he wanted to do a mountain bike ride, so rain or shine, I was prepared to pedal with him on Saturday. It was great fun, until all the fluid drained out of my rear disc brake, leaving me to descend the coyote trail with only a front brake. For those not around here, Coyote is NOT a good trail to not have a rear break on. I only had one superman experience, so not bad. It just wasn't as much fun not going as fast.
Tim headed home on Saturday after a birthday meal in Hood River, since he was going to race the Banana Belt on Sunday. I, however, could not bring myself to start that nonsense yet. Emily and Wendy joined me for what may be my last 2 consecutive days of XC skiing this winter. My winter was way too short this year, but it is quality, not quantity, right? Sunday it was sunny and almost too warm and then Monday it was storming and snowing! Gotta love mountain weather.

Short sleeves & sweating... one of my favorite views of Mt. Hood.
Meadow Creek Trail Tie from Pocket Creek. Check out the snow on that bridge!
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