Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Riding, Racing and Really having fun: Belgian update!

If I had it my way, I would keep Tim here for the entire time, but my days are really limited at this point. It has been going way too fast, filling it up with riding and racing and a few errands here and there. I have taken Tim on my two favorite routes in the neighborhood: Land van Asse and Eddie Merckx route. Both through the countryside with some cobbles to keep Tim happy. He loves the cobbles. Even at 32 degrees, he finds himself smiling when riding over them.
Cobbles on Land van Asse
Just follow the signs, Tim. Yep, He missed a few.

But he did find the one that leads to this little path.

And of course you pass by the factory.

We also went to Deigem to watch the elite men. Maybe television would have been a better idea. It was about 20 degrees out and we couldn't even wait until the finish. We did beat the traffic home that way!
I don't think he is really smiling... His face is frozen.

Yesterday I raced Azencross Loenhout. Tim has become quite the support guy. I guess on dry, fast courses, he just cheers from the pit, but I appreciate it. He also has been handing out my trading cards when people approach me. He is such a proud husband. As for my race report from Loenhout, I sent one into Cyclocross Magazine (view here), so I don't want to duplicate my efforts. It was a good race. To sum it up, I made a few mistakes. Took a tricky section too fast and made myself crash and then got caught behind a couple of racers and they both crashed and I got tangled in them. But I relaxed, rode my race and was pretty much by myself the entire time. I chased back for a 15th place finish. It was 'in the money'. Yep, I got the last cash prize.

The pit mechanics ready for action.

Riding alone.
My Canadian pals, Wendy and Natasha.

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Stando said...

Your updates are awesome! Glad you two are having a fun time. Keep up the great racing. We are cheering you from afar!!