Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas & Zolder World Cup, Part 2: December 24-26, 2008

So my last post essentially summed up my race on the 26th. I broke my chain on the first lap after a great start. I was on my way to a really good race, finding lines around timid racers and getting ahead of the masses. In fact, I could see Hanka just a few people up from me after the first time through the pit. But at some point, the cross gods decided today would not be my day. First, a slip on one of the super steep ascents and my brake folded in. I pulled it out real quick, only losing a bit of time and a few spots, only to jump back on and just shortly after, my pedaling became too easy. Almost like I had no chain. Oh, that's right, I didn't have a chain. I debated what to do, but I don't quit. I forged on, riding the descents, coasting the downhills and running the flats. It was a long run. And through the start/finish on the pavement, I did debate what I should do, but it was a fun course, and damnit, I came to ride. I am not a quitter!!! So, that is the race. Now on to the other fun adventures!

My Christmas present, (Tim's arrival) was delayed a day. He arrived around 8 a.m. on the 26th!
Due to max complications and a huge debacle, Tim managed to miss his plane. It really showed me how much I missed him by how upset I became. But I moved on, celebrated Christmas eve

eating oysters...and fondue...
at Kris Schamp's sisters house. It was a very nice way to drown my sorrows of Tim's delayed departure. And on Christmas day, I had a very nice day with the family and a quick trip to Zolder to pre-ride and pick up numbers. Of course, no Christmas at the Schamps would be complete without the ice cream Santa Claus.

Tim arrived all smiles after his upgraded business class flight. How could you be mad at this guy??? I picked him up, brought him home and a quick turnaround to going to his first world cup! It was a quite a sight. The crowds were as amazing as Hofstade, but the course not quite as scenic. It was at a formula 1 race course, but it made for a super fun 'parcours'.

It was much colder as a spectator than a racer. At least it was sunny!

Tim has his first Belgian waffle.

The crowds were loud in a much different way.

Waiting for the finishing sprint of the mens race.

Tim became a Hanka fan.


Anonymous said...

The ice cream santa is creeeeepppppyyy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sue needs a trailer! With the pix from the SSCX worlds on the side.

Jeff Standish said...

I'm a Hanka fan now too!!! Better luck at the next race. Just wish I could ride my bike, too much white crap around still to do any of that. Keep having fun and tell Tim Hi for me.


julia said...

Sorry to see the broken chain. Better luck next time. Tim looks happy.

Katie and Mark Compton said...

I think those are oysters

jacmark said...

Thanks for the photo of the Belgian waffle cart, Sue! I hope you let Tim know that CycloSportif waffles are still the best. And they don't even offer Nutella in Belgium! Very sorry to hear about the mechanical. You've got too much power in those legs! Your bike is scared! You teach that bike a lesson. Best, Joshua.