Sunday, November 9, 2008

SSCXWC '08 & plain old good muddy fun!

Another weekend in Portland. That is two in a row, but this weekend I actually got to race. And not just once, but twice. Sure, no UCI points, but a heck of a lot more fun and very short travel time! The weather was typical Portland, but the rain was only really bad on Saturday a.m. Other than that, it was muddy, but mild. A perfect weekend for getting muddy and racing 'cross.
Saturday I rode over to Chris King for the SSCXWC (single speed cyclocross world championships) time trial qualifier event. It was definitely a fun, but wet and muddy event. A good part of our morning was spent avoiding the rain. In between signing up and when we actually raced, we found a nice warm spot to enjoy watching the rain. The non race event was on some well traveled trails in a big park in Portland. Enough said.
Staying dry at Grand Central; we weren't the only smart ones.

Sunday was the big event. It was not only our Cross Crusade race, but also the unofficial official SSCXWC. The crowds were out of control all day. It was really a scene. Very cool. It is so fun to race at home, because there are definitely a lot more cheers on the course that yell your name! And it is just a bit crazier. Lot's of cowbell. And a hard win with Wendy keeping the gas on the whole race. She was on my tail, maybe 10 seconds back for the first half of the race, and then a few passing mishaps. I rammed a girl full speed when she dismounted and I couldn't avoid her. I felt sooo bad. I stopped to see if she was o.k, but when Wendy went by, my competitive juices made me say, "I'm sorry" and then I kept on going. It was a passing nightmare. I then had to walk the mud and watch Wendy ride away. I caught back on and stuck on her wheel for a lap or so, not wasting any energy, and then got in front of her at a crucial point and sprinted in for the narrow victory.
Although I did not get to observe Tim's race, he also killed it, opening a gap early on and kept on the gas. Led wire to wire. Yep, Timmy is back! He has kicked the cold and is back on his game. I am so proud.
He opted out of the total craziness of the SS race, but I could not miss out on the fun. It was mass chaos. Would you expect anything different??? Half the women left with the men (cheaters) and the rest of us waited our 30 seconds and then fought for basically a very slow walk up behind all of the men up the barriers and through the foaming bubble machine and then through the windmill. (Thanks Yakima Bike Vigilantes) It was a pretty slow start. Kind of fun, because it was as though you weren't even racing. Just chilling, b/c you really couldn't do anything else. The crowds got thinner and I just kept a smile on my face, pushed that one gear around the course and gradually worked my way to apparently the front of the women and by golly, I won. The last lap, I debated in my head if I should actually cross that line first, knowing a tattoo was mandatory, I would have to wear the gold bikini, but also knowing I would be the owner of a sweet custom Pereira frame. Was it worth it? You betchya!!!

Tim greeted us with beer at the finish! What a guy! (Note Wendy's gold bikini from last year!)

What does the new SSCXWorldChampion do after her race? Eat a Voodoo doughnut for the first time in her life. Why not? It was a day of firsts.

Not your typical podium shot. Yes, I was embarrassed, but I figured I had to post a picture. There will be plenty floating out there soon enough. Another first. I have NEVER stood around in a bikini in 50 degree weather in front of a bunch of people before. Why would you???

Tony Pereira and I. Yep, I will have a sweet single speed to defend my title next year.

More photos to follow. This is all Tim took tonight. Tattoo happens tomorrow. I will be sure to post pictures!


StevenCX said...

Congratulations! Way to rock the bikini!

Melissa Sanborn said...

Hot sistah, hot!