Monday, November 10, 2008


Well, I am no longer a tattoo virgin. I knew if I went across that finish line, first, part of the deal was a tattoo. I also knew that I wasn't going to procrastinate, otherwise I may pull a Barry Wicks. That's so not cool. So, today at 5:45, with the support of Wendy & Emily, I got some ink. Nothing exciting, nothing flashy, nothing you can see when I am in normal clothes and nothing somewhere it would hurt. Yep, I am a baby. Wanted it on my lower back/high butt, but Roll (the tattoo artist) said that hurts a lot more than the leg, so here it is:

Roll getting ready. Atomic Tattoo on Alberta.

The design. 16 tooth cog, which I used yesterday with my 36.

Concentrating and hard at work.

Almost half way done. OUCH!

Fake smile.

Whew, it's done. I opted out of the fill in of the cog. That meant more time on the table. No thanks!

Next time I am in cycling shorts, you can see it up close and personal.


Melissa Sanborn said...

You know you'll want more! You won't stop at one :)

kendrakw said...

Where's the bear?

PDXK.TV said...


Seth said...

Atta girl! Nice piece, Sue!!

Caroline said...

You're so hardcore!! When do we get to see each other? Reading your blog makes me want to look for a bike again - now that I'm back in the States!