Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mud Runnin' in New Jersey: USGP #3 & #4, November 15-16, 20

As everyone knows, I really do LOVE mud. I don't mind adverse conditions. I can keep a good attitude, despite rain, snow, mud, etc. And all things considered, I kept a good attitude, I just didn't keep a good placing. I really think my running has improved, but when you are running as much as we did in Jersey, it makes it hard. I watched people sprint by me. Or it seemed like it. Here is how it went down from my saddle.

USGP #3: Saturday
It was tropical. It was in the high 60's by the time we raced, I think. I had #4 for this round of the USGP, so a great line up. I actually had a semi good start too, making it to the dirt in the top 5. And the first rideable section was not too bad, and then the separation began. The first run section, I felt like I was standing still. I really willed my legs to run faster, but even 5' Amy D was sprinting past me like I was standing still. Was I still sore from my running at Tabor on Wednesday? Maybe a bit, but that wasn't the problem. It was like I had suction cups on my feet. And somehow my bike didn't like the mud either, with the gears slipping. Probably shouldn't have put new cables on before this heavy, hard pushing on the pedals. But I really couldn't put full pressure on the pedals either. Does this sound like another excuse? Ok, enough. It was hard. I didn't do as well as I wanted to (9th place), but there was always tomorrow. I was going to dismiss this mucky mess and focus on the next day, it couldn't be worse, could it?
Meeting up with old friends. Beth Frye from Boone, NC. Met Beth during Trans Rockies in '06!

Did I say it was muddy? Not many bike tracks going through here.

The over under.

USGP #4: Sunday
I was wrong. It could be worse. It rained all night and then was dry, windy and cold all day, creating again, a peanut butter like mud that was oh so fun to run! But, to redeem my lack luster performance, I did get the hole shot and I did lead the first lap, right up until the run. I guess everyone was not too worried about getting around, b/c there was a lack of great lines. I think I ran better than on Saturday, but although the course was shorter, I think proportionally there was more running. Could it really be??? One of the sections had to have been 1/4 of a mile. Really. I don't think I am exaggerating. That is once around the track. But I kept focused on fast feet, felt strong and powerful when I could actually pedal, my A bike was working like a champ. I switched bikes every half lap again today. I improved my finish by one, but they did cut our race short. 1 lap and almost 10 minutes. I think it was a mistake, but oh well. It is what it is. I will have to settle for 8th. I have Portland to try to redeem my mud loving self.

I guess I had a good start. (photo by Dave McElwaine)

And kept the lead until the mud got to thick to pedal. (photo by Dave McElwaine)Run, run, run.

The mud definitely made an impression on me.

I would like to send out a special thanks to Bob & Gay Stefanowicz, my gracious host family, parents of Bob Stefanowicz who started CX this year in Portland and responded to my ad on OBRA. I love our bike community. And also to Jim Bernstein, my host from last year who still pitted for me this year, both days and Dan, the super fan from Kentucky who I recriuted to help on Sunday.
Dan the man, from Indiana
Bob & Gay, my gracious hosts.

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Sue its Dan the man from Indiana. I'm more than happy to be part of your pit crew/cheering section! One question though, does the Mona Vie team sell tshirts?